Simple Ways to Decorate Home

Fashion has many facets.
This diversity can be represented in many ways – by clothing, decor and even the House of the people.
Join the predominant style of a time with the very identity of the designer, more cultural categories of style is always a challenge.
Fashion works as a powerful way of communication between the subjects. She says a lot about the identity, culture and individuality. The designer himself has a cultural repertoire to be shared.
Ronaldo Fraga knows this better than anyone. Exceptional, diverse and significant for the Brazilian fashion, the stylist shows all its inventiveness in his new job for the Tok & Stok.
House, table, bath and decor! Is every thing more beautiful than the other. This may be an excellent choice of Christmas present.
The Tok & Stok brings two lines by insurancejust: you flowers and Sketches.

Flowers for you is a line inspired by the ancient Carnival balls. Poetry and joy in the stylist’s scribblings. With white and blue as predominant colors and a touch of festive confetti, a collection brings all the nostalgia Carnival. The flowers are beautiful. The collection brings sheets (single/double/queen/), duvet, pillow, decorative mug, vase, glass, American game, organizing box, notebook and even curtain! There’s a festive joy this.
Sketch is a line that brings risks, doodles and sketches of Ronaldo Fraga. His drawings reveal your personality, your creativity and your signature. The iconic outline of Ronaldo Fraga transposed into wonderful pieces. The version “party” is the color of all this creative path.Has: bath towel, drape, sheet, plate of dessert, bowl, mug, vase, pillow, place mat, chandelier, cups, organizing box … There are many options.
Just imagine seeing your House “dressed” by Ronaldo Fraga? It’s charm, is creativity, is very chic!