Shoes Fashion Spring Summer 2016

The Ramarim is a popular brand of women’s footwear that bet on modernity. She mainly wears the modern woman, but also enchants conservative with each new collection. It has no fixed line, they are always new models released every change of season. A favorite shoe brand are your boots, one of the few brands with fixed line of boots, the footwear winter.
The basics should come with everything: black boots. At least five different models all the years, changing details such as metallized bonds, strips much at stake in the current fashion and low gloss. The trend is not cast boots with many details and not colored jumping, as in past seasons. We returned to neutral, good and easy to match with everything and the best: timeless. If it is to invest in pregnancy footwear, which is at least to use for more than one season, is not it?
Ramarim gets its two basic models: short pipe boot and long barrel. The average barrel, a bet of previous seasons in Europe following the casual punk fashion trend, is out. We get most basic outfits, long-barreled thinking in the cities of Brazilian harsh winter and casual short barrel, to use both with jeans all day or dress slacks with the appropriate combinations and proportions.

Ramarim Shoes 2016 Spring Summer 

The strong brand has always been his sandals. For the collection Ramarim 2016 spring summer will not miss models with bright colors, thinking of all tastes and wardrobe. Long brown and beige shoes bets for next year with colorful props that animate your shoe rack.
If you are the basic and elegant type, stick with the median jump of clogs. The square lifting platforms guarantee a walk easier and without so much balance, and are not as high as well. You will see many strips, strong commitment of the major leading brands and copied here. The combination foil and metals in smaller proportion are the parts “must have” of the new collection.
Love shoes? So do not go missing in the windows of shops Ramarim. The brand focuses on strong trends of competitors such as thick and no details strips, betting on colors like dual black and white (summer and winter), always colored strips with more than three centimeters long. Long leather with print made in himself, without much detail, another strong vision of fashionistas for shoes. Going against competitors Ramarim invests in neutral shoes, with few prints in precious stones, strong in the windows today, is with the fabric worked on himself and with diverse prints.
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Prices Ramarim Boots 2016
Although they collection, the site itself and release time entitled the press conference, Ramarim is not a designer and has no stores. The manufacturer of footwear can be found in major multi-brand stores throughout Brazil with prices. The boots are from R$80 to R$150, always with good deals at the end of the season.