How to Use Swimsuit to Rock in Your Beach Look

Find out the right swimsuit to highlight your curves

With the current evolution of fashion, the rapid updating of trends is present in clothing and footwear, but also in swimwear. The beach fashion is stronger than ever, with collections updated and full of references from Bikini Will, which undoubtedly provides an incentive to update the look of the summer.

Some time ago the bikini was a unanimous one, and the swimsuits were left aside for hiding the body more. But before the advance of the beach fashion, the swimsuit has gained more space and conquered many women.

Nowadays the swimsuit has been the first option for a look for the beach or the pool, since the models have been redesigned and now they are made with new fabrics and prints, but also with more necklines, guaranteeing the same sensuality of a bikini. In fact, the sophistication of some pieces allows them to be used in other environments, besides the beach.

How to Use Swimsuit to Rock in Your Beach Look

Tips on choosing the right bathing suit

Get to know the different models of swimsuits you can find in stores and value your summer look. See below how to wear this beachwear with different characteristics, counting on the tips of fashion consultant Érica Minchin.

Colorful swimsuits

The colors are very present characteristics in the beach fashion and surely, the hottest seasons refer us to colorful pieces. The consultant Erica warns that the biggest influence of colors is how they reflect on people’s faces.

Colorful Swimsuits

Color can make all the difference as it can highlight dark circles or even highlight points you wish to disguise. Meanwhile, the right choice of color can highlight the tan and as Erica adds:”The right color of the swimsuit can even make the appearance more red, with that ‘summertime’ that we seek.”

Printed socks

The prints can be used as tricks to highlight or disguise body proportions, as Erica points out:”Here it is worth thinking about the proportion of the print in relation to the bone structure and height of the person.”


“Contrary to the story of a small print thinning and a big fat print, the print in the right size creates a harmonious result – that is, small people get more harmonious with small print and bigger people get better with bigger print,” adds Erica.

Black swimsuits

Just like in dresses, the black color is seen as a great joker in the choice of a piece, so as not to run the risk of making a mistake. But Erica warns:”Contrary to what most people believe, black does not favor everyone.”

Black Swimsuits

According to the consultant, the person who gets well using the color black, when opting for color can convey an idea of ​​grandeur and authority. But at the same time, in some cases the color can become overwhelmed and create a sad and melancholy air.