Security in Traffic Light Cameras Save Lives, Study of IIHS

According to an analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-IIHS-, cameras installed at the traffic lights in the 57 largest United States cities saved more than 1,300 lives during 2014; on the other hand, in populations where there is this kind of technology the number of accidents grew 30 percent.
And it is that to have installed cameras in the same post where located traffic lights, makes motorists not pass is the red light because, otherwise, become creditors to a breach, drastically reducing the number of accidents at intersections.
Only in 2014, the accidents caused by ignoring the traffic light caused the death of 709 people and injured 126,000. The unfortunate thing of these figures is that the majority of deaths are passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.
Although cameras at traffic lights are a great help to avoid accidents in the communities that have them, the opposition of certain sectors has led in some jurisdictions have to dispose of them, arguing that they invade privacy. This led to the total number of communities with red light cameras decrease 533 in 2012 to 467 in 2015.
To demonstrate the effect positive that cameras have at traffic lights, the IIHS compared data between the number of accidents among the cities that have working radar and that went out this system. In this way, the research showed that populations with lighted cameras has 21 percent less deaths per capita and 14 per cent less than accidents fatal per capita.
On the other hand, cities that cameras stopped showed an increase of 30 per cent of deaths per capita and 16 percent accidents more than fatal per capita at intersections.
Also, all these data are useful since they serve to raise awareness of road safety.
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