Security Cameras in Soccer Stadiums: Surveillance of the 21st Century

Fervor in football in the stadiums is something known to all, both spectators or fans recognize when there are harsh, sometimes parties, that is reflected in the gallery.For this reason, video surveillance systems to be used in these kinds of scenarios should cover basic requirements to meet its goal.
The presence of cameras is not an impediment to conduct harmful to the society.
Although his presence may inhibit some action, in the medium and long term the use of cameras has been proven as an effective tool to identify and enable to hold accountable those involved in acts of vandalism.
An IP surveillance system where live and recorded videos are of easy access from any authorized computer connected to the network, makes it possible to remotely control all areas of the stadium from a central internal security.
For this reason, the accuracy of the image becomes a basic requirement.
In modern stadiums, ideally positioned HD cameras at all entrances and exits, as well as other points deemed critical as box office, steps, corridors, stairs, escape routes and food and drink jobs.
A total experience for viewers not only occurs within the stadium; is around it where one of the most reported risks: theft.
Other benefits brought the use of video surveillance in football stadiums?