Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: So You Take Perfect Pictures

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus contains not only a huge display, but also excellent cameras, which allow take excellent pictures. The following tips should help you therefore, to customize with the Galaxy S6 edge plus even better shots.
Photography Basics
No matter what smartphone you go on photo tour: you should be aware of some basic things anyway. If you want to make your images more interesting, pays attention to the so-called rule of thirds, based on the golden section. This divides the image mentally lengthwise and crosswise into three pieces. The main subject should be in approximately on a line intersection. As a result, the generated photo looks more interesting. In contrast, the image appears usually boring, if you placed in the scene. Nevertheless: exceptions to the rule.
In addition, you should keep in mind that S6 edge inside the Galaxy plus a wide angle lens and a zoom lens – as in most other smartphones also. In other words: the camera is good mainly for panoramic, portrait or if necessary also for macro shots. The camera is usually overwhelmed with far-away scenes: you have the possibility to enlarge the image by digital zoom, though, but that reduces the resolution of the image at the same time. As a result, you can expect blurred or shaky shots, on which little is visible.
Change Settings As Needed
If you have started with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus the camera app, you see five menu items except for the viewfinder image at the top. A gear icon left leads you to the General camera settings while you will find the options for the Flash, the shutter lag, the HDR mode, as well as the magic wand filter next to it. With the latter, you can add various effects to your photo for example, when you record.

In the camera settings, you have also the possibility to select the image size and the image stabilizer for video – or turn off. In addition you can let here show a grid in the viewfinder, which will help you in applying the rule of thirds, as described above.
Change Shooting Modes
From the main camera view (tablet pc) you’ll come either with a finger gesture or by tapping a button in the lower left corner in the settings for recording modes. The gesture you wipes with your finger just once from left to right.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus So You Take Perfect Pictures
There you can let focus, for example, with the option of “Selective focus” on two points in the image – even if they are in different levels. All other planes remain then blurred. However you should use this feature wisely, because the image generated need much space – 25 MB per image are not uncommon. Also, who created extra-wide photos using the panorama function, must expect that those pictures use more memory. Also you can find here also have options to create fast motion or slow motion videos. Also the mode “Virtual tour”, with which you can record an object before the video shoot from all sides then consider it in peace and quiet on your display is handy.
Pro Mode For Full Control
Normally selects the Galaxy S6 edge plus the best shooting settings itself – and this is also sufficient in most cases. But who wants to exploit all possibilities when shooting with the premium Phablet, can go from the shooting modes from “Auto” to “Pro” mode.
Thus, you can set now even the ISO sensitivity to snap photos for example, artificially überstrahlte or darkened. Also, your white balance can perform, set a filter with “Hue”, or change the aperture “Exposure value”. “Manual focus” any point in the viewfinder can be also sharpen to scan, for example, a special motif at the edge of the image.

  • In accordance with the rule of thirds, your pictures will be interesting
  • The Smartphone camera is good mainly for panoramic and portrait images
  • In thumbnail view, you’ll find icons for settings, Flash, HDR and filters
  • With the swipe of a finger from left to right or pressing the button “Mode” links below you will open the shooting modes settings
  • About Pro mode, you have the possibility to make advanced settings