Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Gold and Pink

The Galaxy is Rated 3 There with Us Now in Gold and Pink
Is out there just friends everything to gray? Then to built but color with a new smartphone! We have the super equipped and simply huge Samsung Smartphone Galaxy now note 3 in gold and pink!
The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 is the perfect smartphone for those who place value on a huge display and a Smartphone is important, can they work with decent and on which they sometimes make the occasional handwritten note. The Galaxy has a really huge full HD touch 3 Super AMOLED display with a screen diagonal of 14.43 cm. The resolution is impressive 1920 x 1080 pixels. Very elegant, the Galaxy is also rated 3, his back is covered with synthetic leather. A special feature of the Galaxy note 3 is the S-pen. With this PIN, you can use the Smartphone and it is super suitable to make handwritten sketches and notes on the Galaxy with him note 3. The great thing: The Galaxy note 3 recognizes your handwriting, if you write on it with the S-pen and convert all your notes into messages, reminders, or phone calls. Also, multitasking is much easier with the Galaxy note 3: you can pull words or photos from one window to another note 3 for example using “Drag & drop” in the multi-window view of the Galaxy. And also opening an application in two Windows at the same time is possible, so you can read messages in a browser, for example, while you googelst in another.
3 a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, the Android 4.3 OS and a 3 provide for a decent performance in the Galaxy note GB of large memory sizes. You need a Smartphone with lots of storage space? The space in the Galaxy can be extended note 3 to up to 64 GB via microSD card. Photograph you like? The camera of the Galaxy has note 3 13 megapixels and a 4 x digital zoom. It also has an image stabilization and face detection. You can take panoramic photos with her and take photos even on clay.
The description of the Galaxy note 3 do you like? Then you order but great with us online store with a mobile finance in gold or pink or any other color. The great thing about our mobile finance: You can choose even the amount of the monthly rate, which you note 3 in gold or pink pay off your fancy new Galaxy, friends here!