Rustic Decor for Marriage: Over 75 Amazing Ideas!

Check out colors, materials, ornaments and all that goes with a rustic wedding.
Want to make your guests feel at home? So nothing better than playing the rustic decor for wedding. This style, which is super high, values the personal and intimate touch of engaged, both at the ceremony and the party.
The rustic style proposes a return to our origins, seeking inspiration in the country, in the kitsch and the vintage. He values the rusticity in every detail, so I can’t make any more engaging and warm decoration. To create a rustic aesthetic, worth investing in furniture expenses, in natural plants, in earthy colors and in so many other characteristic elements of the style.

Rustic wedding decoration tips

The House and Party panned some ideas so that you can be inspired and decorate the wedding with rustic style. Check out:

Appreciation of nature

The rustic style blends with the outdoor wedding, organized a farm, ranch or farm. In this way, it is possible to value all that nature has to offer, such as flowerbeds, green lawn and towering trees.

Earthy colors

When you set the color palette of the wedding, cherish the earth tones. They are able to enhance the rural atmosphere and leave any composition with more rusticity. The recommended colors are: Brown, terracotta, caramel and beige.

A lot of wood.

The wood is indispensable in any rustic composition, especially when it looks unfinished and robust. The material can appear in the decoration through antique furniture, chairs, tables and even small trunks.

Jute, Cork and straw

Other rustic materials are welcome to wedding decoration. Jute, for example, can be used to make souvenirs, pennants and table decorations. She also reveals a great material for handmade items to decorate the party.
To leave the ceremony and the party with a most unique aesthetics, the bride and groom are betting in compositions with corks. This material can be used to mount the hearts and other symbols.
Every detail makes all the difference in the rustic decor, so it’s worth working with straw to make the basis of the arrangements, candy trays and even table centerpieces.
The color of straw, when coupled to Brown and the green of nature, contributes with the rustic atmosphere.

Kraft Paper

Have you heard of kraft paper? So know that this material cannot stay out of rustic décor to wedding. It can be used to make the invitations, party favors and centerpieces.

Country elements

The rustic style is all about country life, that is why it is so important to work with rural elements in the decoration. You can use hay, wagons, wooden crates and barrels.

Pots and glass bottles

The glass pots can be recycled and transformed into DIY decorations for the wedding. Try decorating them with jute and income to enhance the rustic style. Then, just use the bottles as candles or centerpiece. The same goes for glass bottles.

Natural and simple flowers

The best flowers for rustic decor belonging to wild species, such as sunflowers, Gerbera Daisies and chrysanthemums. Time to assemble the arrangements, to decorate the party or ceremony, worth merging colors and assemble decorations colorful natural.
The arrangement of flowers can decorate the ceremony chairs, the table, the table of guests or any other special place of the event.


Use Succulents in wedding decoration is a creative and innovative idea. They can be found in different sizes, colors and shapes. Enjoy!

Fruits, leaves and branches

You want to let the rustic wedding with a light colored? So bet on compositions with fruit. They do not add color, but also flavor and aroma. Try line wooden boxes with straw. Then place inside them nice fruits of the season.
A way to leave the marriage with a modern, contemporary hotel is betting on foliage and twigs in the decoration. Use these ornaments to make the arrangements, along with the fresh flowers or fruit.

Small white boards

The use of small white boards is a strong trend of wedding decoration. These comics are for writing comments and romantic messages. Can also be used as markers or menu.


Animals can show up subtly in the decoration of the wedding party, through pictures or thumbnails. The figures of the animals expand even more guests contact with nature.

Suspended lights

If the marriage is to last until the evening, so it’s very important to create a lighting design. Try investing in suspended lights and spotlights suspended light. Use the leaves to hide the cables.

Lanterns and candles

To let the rustic wedding with a romantic atmosphere, nothing better than using candles and flashlights to create an indirect lighting. To win a touch of rusticity, the candles can be decorated with hooves or cinnamon stick.

Objects that tell story

One way to create an intimate atmosphere and personal decoration is using objects that tell the story. Choose items that are important to the bride and groom, as the favorite photos, family objects and favorite books. If the couple is very fond of travel, for example, worth decorate any corner with old suitcases.
And there? Like the rustic decorating tips for wedding? Leave a comment. If you have any other cool idea, comment too.