Route of Emotions-a Lovely Experience by Northern Coastline, CearÁ

Once again Vera Ferreira, granddaughter of the famous “King of Cangaço”, himself: Lantern, took the initiative to organize and encourage the realization of this track. Their initiatives are building and consolidating an annual calendar of extraordinary bike rides. After the Uruguayan coast, from Puerto Alegre, last year, it was the time to pedal to the northern coastline of Ceará. Traveling by bike through the emotions route was a unique experience of cultural interchange and beautiful landscapes in this “giant by nature itself”.
We left Aracaju (if), by Van, on September 10, with the destination of Fortaleza (CE), starting point of the pedal. In the month of September this region is presented with strong trade winds winds that blow favorably in the fortress-São Luís. A blessing for us that we pedaled enough for the beautiful beaches Ceará. Doing this course, in this period, in the inverse sense is a great challenge.
Participated in this adventure: Max, Denise, Beto, Fernando, Vera, Chico, Alberto, Angelica, Stella, and I (Sebastian Filho).
Fortaleza – Lagoinha (106 km)
Wikiloc) RE 1 Fortress – Lagoinha CE
After a Sunday of tourist immersion in Fortaleza, we started our bike cycle. On the basis of the transit we decided to start pedaling after the Ulysses Guimarães Bridge, which passes over the Ceará River, out of the city, meaning Jericoacoara.
On this first day we do not pedal on the beach, in the face of the time of the tide. Next to the fortress lies the beautiful beach of Cumbuco. If available time is worth a visit/bath. This excerpt is very beautiful, mainly the arrival of the port of Pecém, surrounded by many dunes with sandals Branquíssimas, accompanied by the turquoise blue sea and warm waters. An invitation to a relaxing bath.
As a result of the difficulty of obtaining more precise information on another path option that was not the highway, and seeking to save a few kilometers we chose to follow, from Pecém, via São Gonçalo do Amarante. However, there is a road via Siupé. It is worth remembering that with low tide you can pedal to the beach from Cumbuco.
Lagoinha is very charming and beautiful, with great scenery for cinematographic photos, besides being one of the most beautiful beaches of Ceará. It has about 15 km of extension, freshwater lagoons, coconut trees and more. Anyway, a charming place, immersed in the tranquility of a paradisiacal beach, with many options of restaurants, hotels and inns. We stayed at the Pousada Daniel ´ ‘s Grill (R $50.00/person).
Lagoinha – Icaraí de Amontada (86 km)
Wikiloc) RE 2 Lagoinha – Icarai de Amontada CE
From Lagoinha we started our pedal on the beach. It is important to register that the Wikiloc stopped mapping on Whale beach. What’s the point? -Who knows! A journey of filling the eyes, accompanied by very warmth, strong sun, gigantic wind farms, no difficulty with the type of sand and wind strongly favorable. So it went to the beach of Caetanos, after we spent the beautiful beaches of Guajiru, Flecheiras, Emboaca, Mundaú and Whale. In Mundaú you need to cross the ferry (R $3.00/per bike).
After 62 km of pedal by the beach we arrived at Caetanos, where we left the beach in function of the high tide. We gave a stop to moisturize with plenty of coconut water in Dona Lucia’s tent, Little Miss very helpful, pleasant, typical representative of the Prestimosidade still present in life on the inside, and we follow for 4 km on a sidewalk with irregular stones and another 20 km of paved road, potholed and without the shoulder, but with little movement.
Icaraí de Amontada or Icaraizinho is a “point” of the northern coastline of Ceará, still not exploited by traditional tourism. Very frequent by kite and windsurf practitioners, who delight in winds blowing regularly between 20:30 us for a good part of the year. The highlight of this region concerns climatic conditions: Strong winds almost all year, warm waters and no cold. The explanation is in proximity to the equator line.
In Icaraí there are several irreverent and great quality bars and restaurants, such as the excellent Green Banana Pizzeria. In addition to other options of Italian, Japanese, Brazilian food, as well as bars and cool pubs. Several of them under the baton of international natives.
Icaraí de Amontada-Acaraú (77 km)
Wikiloc) RE 3 Icarai – Acarau CE
We head towards the thickets district, in order to take the ferry to cross the river Aracatiaçu River. When we arrived at the first point of the rafts, we were informed by fishermen that crossing that site was not being made. It was necessary to go to another crossing point, a little further up the river, located in Barra das thickets.
This second crossing point (R $2.50/bike) is between beautiful and large dunes. Very nice place. On the other side we took a dirt road headed towards the village of Ducks, where we arrived after 21 km of pedal, after we passed through the districts of Pachichu and Barbosa.
We rest a little and moisturize in the only bar on the beach in the village of Ducks. We sailed on the beach to lumps, where we crossed the boat from your Antonio (R $2.00/bike). After the traditional rest and hydration we return to the beach and follow up to Almofala, end of line, in this path, of the pedal by the beach. Nature does not allow to continue pedaling, not even with the dry tide, after Almofala.
It was a journey of more beautiful landscapes, but a little tiring, in the face of the numerous stretches of fluffy sand, sometimes inviting us to descend to push, peppered with much, very warmth. In Almofala we visited the legendary Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church, whose history dates back to the end of the 19th century, when mobile dunes completely buried the church. The force of Nature acted again, undoing the previous action and began to unearth the temple in 1941. In 1943 the imposing church was in sight again.
After the visit and the photos we followed by BR CE 085 (approx. 35 km) to Acaraú, via Itarema. Well-structured city, good trade, various bars and restaurants options. We stayed at the Great Pousada Taverna Village (R $65.00/person), a little distant from the city centre, but at the beginning of the next day’s path.
Acaraú-Praia de Preá (47 km)
Wikiloc) RE 4 Acarau – Praia Prea CE
We start the pedal toward the Aruaná, beginning of our route “Praiana”. The passage between Aruaná and Praia de Preá, portal less known to Jericoacoara, was suffered for cyclists and bikes: a lot of fluffy sand and an insistent salt water film, of course, bathing much of the extent of the path. fact that discouraged some and then the whole group then pedaling to Jeri.
In Preá we have lunch a beautiful bad writing admiring the sea in the restaurant Tobias da Caranguejada. Tobias, the owner, is a very pleasant, communicative and excellent tourist guide. Talk goes, talk comes, we hit with Tobias to drive the Van by the Sand Road to Jeri (about 11 km), as well as to do the rides in his pickup the next day.
Jericoacoara – Camocim (45 km)
Wikiloc) RE 5 Jericoacoara – Camocim CE
After two days resting and walking through Jeri, we leave for CAMOCIM. The beaches on this route are less attractive, with long stretches of fluffy sand and lots of saltwater bathing their sands. Moreover, there was a lot of algae residue on almost the entire extent. In Guriú River it is necessary to take a ferry. Seeking to avoid crossing the mangroves, we negotiate with a ferryman to leave us at the headquarters of the district of Guriú River (R $3.00/bike), from where we return to the beach by a road of Piçarra and sand.
The arrival of CAMOCIM demands to take another ferry (R $3.00/bike) to cross the river Coreaú. It is also the end of the pedal line by the beach on the route of emotions. From Camocim to the “,” is approximately 130 km, by paved road, with stretches without shoulder, and always accompanied by very heat. In this way, we have made a meeting and decided to continue from van to, and the sheets and São Luís, where we return marveled at the beauties and charms seen and lived in two weeks of travel.
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