Retouch, Renew or Just Have Fun with the Spray

Let’s say you have a bike that needs to revamp the look, but you do not want to make it worse than it is to be wrong in the type of paint… or simply because, like most of us, you have no idea what is doing when it comes to painting or repainting a bike. It is because of these situations that the Spray.Bike came with a simple solution which makes painting a bicycle much easier.
Here’s how it works in some examples and a really cool video with some Spray.Bike masterpieces…
I painted a lot from school projects to motorcycle exhaust fans, and even painted some pictures… one of them was an old Schwinn that I painted with a gradient from yellow to red, imitating the unique painting scheme of the Serotta Colorado.. The unreachable bike of my dreams. It was really cool if you saw her about 50 yards away as she moved, but needless to say, she looked like a clothesline full of socks, from so many spots on which the paint ran. Besides that if you made the ugly face for her, another piece of the paint splintered.
Then get to Spray.Bike with a unique solution, made exactly for bikes. Of course you can use ink on other things, but anyone who has ever painted a painting understands how difficult it is to cover each corner and nook without going over the point and make the paint run. Being an acrylic-based paint, the Spray.Bike comes out in a similar way to a fine, dry powder as you lean on the board (although you’d better wait two hours for the grip to complete). This is what prevents the ink from flowing, since in fact it does not remain in liquid form long enough to gather and drip. A brief preparation is necessary, since the paint will stick to any surface, whether smooth or already painted, although they recommend removing the old paint.
The Spray. Bike comes in more than 60 colors, from standard colors and some classic up to some fluorescent to blaze eyes. They also sell a structural mass to fill large gaps and a kind of mass spray for small things like scratches, which you can easily sanding to leave quite smooth.
Also it is very easy to paint details with paper molds, since you are working with a product that has a practically dry touch. In the photo above were used mesh molds that generate a snake skin pattern. See in this video how they did it.
Even if you only want a uniform color, the ink seems to sit very smoothly. I do not think anybody will use these paints to paint a bike from the North American Hand Made Bike Festival, but for those who like to do things on their own, this may be something you’ll want to have on the shelf. Who wants to paint team bikes?

Preparation And Completion

Structural Mass For The Frame
Super-strong fiberglass mass to fill all flaws, model and create structural shapes as aerodynamic shapes. Easy to sand.
Frame Smoothing Mass
General thin coverage mass for used frames or expenses. It covers minor flaws and scratches, rust and adhesives. Easy to sand.