Red Pants: Fashion Istructions

Colored pants are one of the most fashionable trend today. The Red pants are a good example of this, being a piece quite versatile and ideal for a large number of looks. Check out fashion tips on how to use your Red pants.

  1. Combine a piece of clothing with the rest in black is a classic and will always be right. Try to match your Red pants with a simple black shirt, a ballerina with Leopard pattern sneakers and a black leather jacket. For accessors add pieces in silver as a thin bracelets and a ring. Finish the look with sunglasses RayBan style and a spacious bag, also in black.On the contrary, you can use your Red pants with white pieces. Combine your pants with a top female and white fluid and some sandals with wedge and details of red, white and Navy Blue with stripes. Add a watch with bracelet in red and simple earrings in silver. Quickly find two types of look ideal for day-to-day.
  2. The Red pants can also be used for office or another type of job. Try a pair of Red pants with a length just above the ankle and skinny model. Combine this with a white t-shirt with black graphics, something simple and nothing fancy.To make the look more professional to add a black blazer, which settled well and if you want you can even have 3/4 sleeves. If to consider that the shirt is too casual for the job, replace it with a tank top or t-shirt of sequins, metallic tones like gray. If you wear glasses choosing a model with black frame and add a clock in gold or rose gold. As for the shoes, keep the simplicity of look and opt for neutral peep toe shoes, in black or nude.
  3. For a night out, combine your Red pants with a t-shirt with floral pattern and a little transparency or a t-shirt more fluid, and with details of floral print more realistic. Regarding footwear, can opt for shallow heel or heels. Heel sandals in camel tones and with details of tapes look great as a whole. If your shirt has shades of gray, as we can see in the example, so opt for some sandals of the same style and in dark grey. If you are looking for comfort, nothing better than choosing a creeping sandal in gold, as well as the remaining details and accessories the look made up.