Red Lipstick: a Classic Very Sexy

I love red lips. The truth is that the red lipstick never gets old. For being a hot and strong color conveys sensuality and daring. That is, it’s not the color the more timid who want to pass unnoticed. Visual pin up to the most sophisticated looks, the red lipstick is a classic.
The glamor and sensuality of some of the most beautiful female personalities of the show has inspired many women all over the world. Marylin Monroe, Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Dita Von Teese, Rihanna, Katty Perry, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Chastain are some of the celebrities who wear the red lipstick as your brand image.
How is a striking color, keep in mind that you need to be careful in your application to not keep your mouth twisted or smudged. So, draw your outline with a pencil for lips, the same tone, and then apply the lipstick with a brush, in order to outline the mouth with greater precision.
There are various shades of pink to Orange, which enhance your skin tone. Find out what color is right for you.
White Skin
If your skin when you get sun tends to get golden and red, not opt for more open and vibrant tones, like red tomatoes, which helps highlight your Tan. If you don’t Tan easily and get the pink skin, prefer the coral and orange tones, as will contrast with the pinkish hue of the skin. In the case of white and pale skin, the best is the bright red.
Brown Skin
For anyone who has an olive-toned skin, green background and gold when you Tan, lipstick ideal are all the nuances of pinkish red. The light-skinned with dark eyes and hair is favored with a cherry red lipstick.
Black Fur
Black fur of lighter shades go well with tones more alive (tomato red and orange tones). But the darker is the skin, more closed must be the shade of red (Burgundy, bordeaux and Brown). To accentuate more color, try applying a bit of base on the lips before lipstick, so getting a color closest to the original.