Recycling Backpack

Well my little girl has a tour in a few weeks and did not want to carry the backpack that hangs on the shoulders, prefer a shoulder strap and is more comfortable when get something. In other backpacks every time you want something you have to descolgártela, support on a site, search for what you want and hang volvértela. With the strap you have everything at hand and do not have to be holding the strips as shoulders that in a exclusion Noah looked all children clutching the straps of backpacks because they were running down the shoulders coat. Noah was super comfortable with his shoulder. We have decided to make taking advantage of a backpack Dora the Explorer we had saved that he did not like because I saw very childish (made me more ains …). This was what I had: backpack Dora the Explorer and one of my shirts old (the fabric was in perfect condition at Sportingology).
The top zipper left it as it was. That is, the zipper not descosí, I left the strip sewn in which he saw and descosí the entire strip. The idea was to make 2 boxes 30cm x 30 cm. Then 4 strips, 2 for the sides (30 x 12 cm), 1 to the base (30 x 12 cm) and one up (30 x 12 cm which is already has sewn zipper).
And that is all friends! Inside fabric lining wears a fuchsia satin that had saved a disguise (there is here all) of the same measures that the backpack. And in one of the padded shoulder straps that brought the backpack lined with fabric and sewn strips fuchsias. I hope you liked it . Recycling save, generate less waste and make unique pieces.