Prints for Trousers: Tips, Options

The patterned pants dominated the catwalks of fashion in 2012 and have become the preferred around the world. These pants models promise to be very successful in the hottest days of the year, and can be used in different combinations. Check out tips and options for prints for trousers.

Tips For Using Prints For Trousers

  1. Modern and fun: to compose this look ideally mix prints.Not to miss in this visual, the ideal is to bet on a geometric or floral print, combining at least one color in common with both. The pants are always great options to choose from.
  2. Visual Basics: the colors of Paisley pants should be basic and must be combined with neutral colors.The ideal is to bet on the shirts, flat shoes and bags more discreet to compose this look.
  3. Accessories: to combine a visual with Paisley pants you can opt for sneakers, shoes and high-heeled sandals to make more elegant combinations.
  4. Avoid the volume: the prints often provide visual effect of more volume.Therefore, the ideal is to bet on pants with darker or neutral funds such as black, blue, beige and Brown. The sizes of designs should be smaller and more spaced.

Hints Of Prints For Trousers

  1. Tropical Prints are among the main current fashion trends.The models range from floral, birds and foliage. The colors vary in shades of green, Orange, yellow, colorful and other mixtures with summer’s face.
  2. Butterfly Prints: this pattern is already doing a lot of success in the Windows of several shops.It can be found in different models, providing a lot of elegance and sophistication to visual female. Bet on using prints of butterflies in pants.
  3. Geometric Prints: the geometric prints are also excellent choices for use in pants.In addition to being very versatile provide a lot of elegance and sophistication to visual female. Various colors and different models can be used in the composition of several visuals.