Printed Pants Winter

Shopping for fashion winter 2012 are full of novelties and between the parts that are highlighted are patterned pants. With gorgeous models, the pants arrive coloring and differentiating the station. Check out.
Printed Pants
For a long time stamped pants appeared only in summer. However, to innovate, now gained prominence of fashion in colder seasons. They appear in several different prints, since tribal, floral to poás. Have a wider style, recalling the pantaloons.
Tips On How To Use Patterned Pants

  1. avoid very bold combinations so that the visual is not compromised.Preferably to less extravagant, because templates are more elegant;
  2. The best bet is to combine with flat tops and preferably in unique colors, such as black or white;
  1. make simpler combinations, for example, get a shirt that is a color that is present in the pattern.This shirt needs to be smooth, without any print;
  2. The patterned trousers can be worn with sweaters, wool and even leather pieces, leaving the model very beautiful;
  3. The printed collections are also super trendy this winter. So if you like, you can select the set stamped;
  4. For people who are slightly overweight, the most appropriate is to choose prints black background.The combination can be completed with the use of a blazer, leaving the model super charming;
  5. The striped pants and straight model, are most suitable for women, who have big hips, do the stripe provides stretching aspect of silhouette, disguising imperfections in the body;
  6. choose the pattern that has more to do with your personality and mostly that you like.

Shoes To Match The Patterned Pants
The combination of printed pants with sweaters and shoes is already present in the streets of all Brazil. Here are some tips on shoes to match:
Heels: they look great and give power to the model. Are most suitable for evening combinations;
Sneakers, Anabela and booties: are excellent choices for use during the day, because they are more comfortable and stylish. The shoes with thicker heels can also be used throughout the day.
Printed pants are excellent choices for use in winter 2012. The ideal is to give preference to more classic models and avoid the most extravagant. The combinations with flat tops are most suitable. It is very important to be careful with the use of accessories not to overload the visual.