Pernambuco Will Have Its First Cycle Route in Agreste

Route Of 180 Kilometers Will Link The Municipalities Of GravatÁ, Bezerros, Caruaru And Bonito

Visit waterfalls, museums, churches, ecological parks, practice extreme sports, learn a little about the history of the place where it goes. Activities common to any tourist, such as these, can be done in a different way in Agreste Pernambuco: bike. The first cycle route of the State is expected to start operating this semester. The 180-kilometer route will connect the municipalities of Gravatá, Bezerros, Caruaru and Bonito.
“Bidding was opened in March to signal the route, which begins and ends in Gravatá. The idea is for the tourist to spend at least one night in each city. Five days would be the average time of the trip, but each one should make its time according to its resistance and with the attractions that find in the cities, without hurry”, explains the manager of cyclomobilidade of the Secretariat of Tourism, Sports and Leisure, Rosaly Almeida.
The route will be signposted with informative signs and indicative in ecological wood. “He alternates passageways, across beaten tracks and, at times, through main tracks. The tourist will receive a passport, which will be stamped in each place where he passes and, at the end, a certificate that he has fulfilled the route. The proposal is based on the European Circuit of Santa Catarina, “says Rosaly.
The route of the Agreste will be divided into four sections: from Gravatá to Serra Negra (31km), from Serra Negra to Caruaru (31.8km), from Caruaru to Bonito (52km), and from Bonito to Gravatá, passing through Sairé (67, 7 km). The new modality is expected to strengthen the economy of the region, since the tourist spends with lodging, food (only in Gravatá are more than 70 restaurants) and souvenirs of the trip.
The route and attractions of each county will be available in a book. “Santa Catarina sells for R $10, here we have not defined how it will work, whether it will be paid or not. But people will also be able to download the information over the internet for free, “said the manager. According to her, the route was designed in conjunction with cyclists of the region. “We go to the bicycle area to define the route,” he says.
Now the secretariat articulates with owners of inns and restaurants so that they organize themselves to make life easier for the client and encourage him to stay longer in the region. If a person makes a reservation at a hostel in another city and decides to stay longer than it is, for example, changing the date should be made as simple as possible without traumas. The businessmen involved must also have all the information about the circuit, the local attractions, the cuisine.
Another still undefined question is whether to install bike rental points on the circuit. “In general, the profile of this tourist is of men and women between 40 and 60 years old, with good purchasing power and interest in knowing the local culture from a different angle, in greater contact with the people of each place. Many already carry their own bike, “says Rosaly. “Anyway, let’s talk to traders in the area. And in Recife there are places for bicycle rentals and taxi drivers with support to transport it, “he notes.
Rosaly said the government’s goal is to create new bicycle routes in the state in the future. “There are people who travel the world through these routes of cycling,” he notes.


The circuit of the Santa Catarina European Valley was the first to be specially planned to be cycled in the country. It has a total of 300 kilometers, starting and ending in the city of Timbo, about 30 kilometers from Blumenau. The route can be divided in high part – where it reaches 700 meters of altitude, with accentuated relief, and low part, in which the cyclist passes by numerous rivers, streams and waterfalls.