Perfect Flat in 5 Minutes!

What woman wouldn’t want a strong hair with volume and shine? The waves are big, but the truth is that it’s not always easy to keep a hair wavy or curly, especially if you prefer smooth or keep it with a hairstyle aspect.
My hair is wavy and, for years, spent hours stretch the hair first with a brush and then with a straightening board. The hair was impeccably smooth out on the street and having to deal with moisture and rain. And there came back the eddies, at the roots of the hair, and the ends were wavy again. In addition, as my hair oily and I have to wash it every other day, the ends of the hair were split, use the straightening plate.
Until one day, a friend of mine told me he had done a hair straightening and I could go out with wet hair, this was always smooth and shiny. And of course I couldn’t resist to try it. This type of hair straightening is called escova progressiva and have an average duration of three to six months, depending on the type of hair. That is, it depends on the root, the hair texture and frequent washings, since with the growth of the hair fiber, this resume their natural characteristics. In my case, as I have a fine and wavy hair, this treatment lasts me about five months because they just work it out with the brush at the roots as it grows. As the hair gets a good amount of keratin, the ends are sealed (no split ends).
But the best part is you just blow-dry your hair with your fingers and just five minutes this is completely smooth and shiny, without even having to use a brush. A luxury for those who like to wash my hair in the morning.
The only care that you must have is to use a shampoo without salt, to extend your effect, use a nourishing conditioner and put some cream or oil on the ends of the hair before drying. How do I use ink in the root and make contrasts on the ends, using a weekly hydrating mask is essential to care for and maintain the shine of your hair. In the first two or three months to avoid masks with keratin, as are going to leave your hair heavier.
If you dye your hair, be aware that progressive brush will make your lighter tone, so do the coloring after this chemical process and use a shampoo for color-treated hair and no salt.
The only downside is that the hair looks without volume, especially for those who have thin hair like me, which is literally glued to my head. A trick is to dry your hair with your head down, but that will only take effect at the end of the first month, when the roots start to grow, and use a foam to give volume. The lighter shades at the edges will also give more texture to the hair, giving the impression of volume and movement.
The cost of the progressive brush depends on the length of your hair, so you can go from 30 to 100 euros, and prepare to spend 2 hours at the Salon.
With the progressive brush can use a fringe, this is always smooth, or take advantage of to make a cut in layers, but in this case try contrasts, using a lighter tone at the tips. One of the most popular cuts is the Bob, Chin high, or Lob (Long bob) by the shoulders, which can be uniform, straight and elongated (shorter in the back and long in front), or asymmetric, if like most daring hairstyles.
I love these haircuts, resulting very well on straight hair:
Straight hair short or medium sized
Medium straight hair
Long straight hair
And you were willing to try?