Peppa Pig Birthday Party: Tips for Decorating and Photos

Peppa Pig theme already stands out as one of the most requests from children’s birthday parties. Check out decorating tips and photos to inspire!
The Peppa Pig birthday party is perfect for girls of 1 to 5 years of age. The cartoon pig more darling of TV is having success with the children and serving as inspiration to decorate.
Before you plan the decoration, it is important to know a little more about the drawing Peppa Pig. The animation tells the story of a little pig of 5 years who lives with your younger brother, of just one year. Peppa is very adventurous, she likes to visit her grandparents, jumping puddles of mud and play with your best friend, Suzy sheep. The drawing shows the daily lives of all the family Pig and is cause for a lot of laughs for kids.
The Peppa Pig theme is delicate, sweet and full of innocence. He’s not just pig image exploits, but also of other characters from the cartoon, as the pig George, all the family Pig, the sheep Suzy, Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony, elephant, zebra Zoe, among many other animals.

Tips for decorating the Peppa Pig birthday party

Check out below how to make a birthday child decorated with theme Peppa Pig:
The light pink is the main color of the party, but he can also share space with baby blue, green, purple, among other delicate colours. The ‘ color ‘ candy tones match perfectly with this theme.
Main table
The main table can be a Provencal mobile, because the design reinforces the commitment to the delicacy and softness of a children’s Party. The main characters of the drawing must decorate the table, in plush, Styrofoam, felt or MDF.
Trays with Provencal style also contribute to the decoration of the main table Peppa Pig, since they can be used to expose the colored candies and whimsically pastry people according to the theme.
Other elements can be used to spice up the table, as the tree of marshmallows, the boots galoshes with flowers, buxinho vases, pinwheels, the home of the family Pig, the sun, the trees and the muddy puddles that Peppa loves so much.
The centerpiece should be reserved for children’s Party Peppa Pig cake, which can be adorned with themed shape fondant. The cookies and cupcakes that reproduce the drawing characters also contribute to the decoration.
Bottom of the main table
The bottom of the main table can be decorated with a bow or panel of balloons. A panel of EVA is also welcome, as are the flags with the name of the birthday boy.

Photos of Peppa Pig birthday party

See photos of Peppa Pig birthday party:
Now that you’ve got some ideas of Peppa Pig birthday party, be sure to assemble creative décor and tasteful.