Pedal to Generate Power and Charge the Cell Phone

Have you ever thought that the strength of your pedaling, your strength, can turn into clean and sustainable electric power?
And with that energy you can keep the security light and charge your cell phone.
And how much energy can we save by taking the pedal of the more than 70 million bikes we have in Brazil?
Rather than changing the way we generate energy, we want to help change our way of thinking and acting, starting one pedaling at a time.
That’s why we launched es.charger, a USB charger and LED lighting kit to make your pedaling more practical, safe and sustainable.
Each kit contains five items: a saddlebag, a USB charger, a generator, a headlamp and a flashlight. They can be easily installed on most bikes and work very simply.
His pedals saw energy through a tire dynamo. The charger circuits are protected inside the saddle bag along with rechargeable batteries that store the generated energy, avoiding waste and causing the safety lights to remain on even when the bike is stationary.
The headlamp and flashlight are LED and have the functions of continuous light and flashing, with them you see and it is best seen during nocturnal pedals.
All items are rain resistant and we think of an installation that is practical and safe, the lights have quick coupling and receive power through P2 cables, just fit it and everything is working. And if you need to park your bike on the street, just unclog and store the components of the charger, which fit all in the saddle bag, and leave carefree.
Energy Spin came with the mission of transforming our day to day actions into clean and renewable energy. So you can save energy in your home, at work and wherever you are, while doing everything you are already accustomed to do.
If we hit our goal in Kickante we will be able to produce es.charger in larger quantities and be able to develop many other solutions like this.