Pedal Ekonova Adventure in Farroupilha… Very Hot!

The Ekonova Adventure in Farroupilha was a great success. Many riders came to the event, some last minute entries, others did planning days before. The three route options pleased the participants, and an effort was made to ensure water for everyone, since the heat was surprisingly large. Hot… really hot! There was compensation… surely all the cyclists, even tired, felt rewarded by the scenery. The Windy Salto, in Farroupilha, is an extraordinary place. The beauty of the water fall, gigantic, certainly left several cyclists… perplexed! Crystalline streams, native vegetation, valleys and country estates on the path, certainly charmed the participants.

Special Participation…

There is always a good story to tell. This time I mention cyclist Samuel Stumpf. Samuel surprised me with the presence… that’s right! When I saw Samuel walking among the cyclists, going to the registration desk, I thought I was not fully understanding what was happening. There was a cyclist with him, both dressed in cyclists. The fine elegance of a cyclist… shirt, shorts, helmet! There, he walked, accompanied, towards the participation of the walk of Ekonova. In a brief stop: “Hey, I want to know how this works…” I was told we would talk on the way, but I did not have much time during the work. I circle a lot and missed the opportunity of a beautiful conversation… nothing that the future does not reserve, but you know how curious it is, we want to yesterday! For those who have not been there or do not understand… and after spicing up the curiosity of others, I explain.Samuel is a bearer of special need, in the understanding of society, we are talking about blindness. Samuel follows the sound of the guide bell during the ride. Cyclists who take turns and, who are certainly very special, realize the assistance of the path. The guide of the moment triggers a twist along the path he accompanies. Whether or not this is an act of courage and determination, I believe, but I suspect that Samuel sees it as natural. I hope, one day, to have a coffee with him and have the opportunity of a good interview, because I’m fascinated with his thirst for pedaling. There are reasons in all of us to go forward or stop, but it is to continue and surprise that makes us special, not the fact that we are different. We are capable because we believe and then we exceed expectations!This makes us great!

In The Construction Of A Project

We know that nothing is achieved if we are alone… So, in this project we must thank the supporters of this event. We started by the Farroupilha City Hall and the Farroupilhense Cycling Association. Hartz Natural and Biopoint are always present at the events. For the aerial images, Falco Aerial Images… Also the Lukla bike and lifestyle, and the Bike Garden, bike shop.

The Next Venture…

Ekonova Adventure seizes the opportunity and launches the invitation of the next event, in Bom Princípio, on May 22. The 3rd Edition of this pedal that is already traditional in the Valley of the Caí, one of the most beautiful cities of the region, known as the City of Strawberry, and for this Pedal of the Strawberry. Good Principle is a welcoming place of working and hospitable people, with beauties that Ekonova will take you to know, and nothing better than to know a city by pedaling. The routes in three options… Short 20Km-Path in development (Path will have no tracks and little elevation since the relief allows);Intermediate 30Km-Path in development (Path with tracks); Long 45 Km-Path in development (Path with trails and greater difficulties for those who have preparation and enjoy a real challenge). Registration on the Ekonova website.