Patterned Pants: How to Use

The prints are quite common in national parts, because the Brazilians are full of life and joy, and imply even through their looks, which are usually colorful, with bright and beautiful prints.
Dresses, skirts, shirts and t-shirts are something very common, in addition to the leggings of the Academy, which are usually very colorful, with strategic cutouts and prints well showy, as in the case of animal print, which made great success among women this year. Now, the sets of the pictures arrived at pants, that arise each day more detached and modern.

Printed Pants

The prints are quite common at the top of the body, tops, t-shirts, blazers, cardigans, among others, and also in dresses and skirts, but the sets are now the patterned pants. Bet on pants with prints of animals such as zebra and ounce, ethnic prints, graphics, with colored stripes, flowers, among others.The main models are the skinnys and cigarettes, but the wide, style Pajamas are also trend.

Tips On How To Use

-Prefer to match the pants prints with smoother, as a regatinha or basic shirt a blazer in sober, discreet, simple sweaters shoes, among others. The hint is always, less is more;
-Prints at the bottom tend to leave the legs thicker and wider hip. Women who already have the hip topping should bet on dark colors, with tightly closed, such as black, blue, wine, in addition to being able to wear a tunic, baggy shirts, long jackets, cardigans or blazer, to reduce the volume of less than;
-Larger Prints usually give more volume and draw more attention, while the small prints create the visual effect of thinning;
-Patterned dark Pants are easier to match and more difficult to make mistakes;
-Invest in the stamped model skinny pants that are more justinhas and do not give a lot of volume printing at the bottom of the body;
-Try using a jump, preferably with thinner heel, so the legs appear longer, which makes the look more beautiful;
-These trousers combine very well with slippers, sneakers and with jump, shoes, stiletto, among others, all depends on the occasion and biotope;
-These pants models well with neutral colors like white, gray and black. The predominant color of pants can also be used on top;
-Accessories like costume jewelry, balls and belts too loaded, with fringes, spikes, among others should be avoided so that the look don’t be loaded;
-Pants wide stamped can be combined with parts more adjusted, as basic regatinhas thin cardigans, blazers crisp, among others.