Paraguaçu High MTB Challenge Promotes Reforestation at Chapada Diamantina

Our sport is directly linked to nature, so we have a whole environmental concern.
On September 09 and 10 more than 500 cyclists from all over Brazil will participate in the 5th edition of the Alto OGGI Challenge of the Paraguaçu de MTB that happens in the city of Mucugê-BA in the modalities of XCO (Olympic circuit) and XCM (Marathon). In addition to participating in one of the most charming and technical evidence of Brazil, in the scenario where the largest ultramarathon of MTB in the Americas, Brazil Ride, each athlete will donate a native tree seedling that is used in the reforestation of the banks of the Paraguaçu River in the Caribbean Community.
In addition to promoting the recovery of the riparian forest of the Paraguaçu River, the action seeks the integration of the community with the event. The seedlings of the trees will be sold to athletes by the Community association the Marias who develops an important work in the Caribbean Village one of the places where athletes pass in the XCM.
The association is formed by a group of women who develop a series of environmental and social actions at Chapada Diamantina. In the association, various works of education and environmental preservation are conducted, since the cultivation of seedlings for reforestation as the production of handicrafts from recyclable materials.
The whole will be planted more than 1,200 seedlings of trees. “We have 700 changes from previous editions. In addition to the seedlings of this year we will promote the reforestation of three hectares of the riparian rain forest of the Paraguaçu River. Our sport is directly linked to nature, so we have a whole environmental concern, “explains Juth Mattos, organizer of the challenge.
In addition to the environmental action through reforestation, the Alto OGGI Challenge of Paraguaçu will also make the donation of all the visual communication canvas used in the test, as well as the PET bottles for producing handbags and handicrafts by the Community association the Marias. And all organic waste will be destined for the production of organic compound that will be used in planting seedlings.
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