Pants: Tips for Using Color, Photos

We are in the summer and, like him, the cheerful colors start to appear. Example of this are the colorful pants, which are back in fashion and are becoming a real fever, among women and among men. It even! Many hotties are betting in colors such as green, red, blue and even pastel pink. In the years 80, colored pants were successful, trendy young. However, the variety in colors was not too large at that time.Today, they’re back, repaginadas and available in many other shades.
Without doubts, who want to use this type of pants currently has at your disposal a multitude of colors and models. In addition to the traditional red, blue or green, are in high colors neon and pastels (those colors pale and delicate; the candy colors). Of the most classic, Red pants is still the female preference. The variety ends up awakening the desire to use all. Then, there is that question: but, how to combine them? Think hard? Then check out our tips for using colored pants.

How To Combine Colorful Pants

First, we must remember that the pants are colored like the others, that is, the pieces that will combine them are common, such as sweaters, vests, tops, jackets, blazers, coats, etc. The only attention should be given to the colors of other clothing, which can be numerous, since these colors together with the pants. For those who think that it is not possible to combine prints with a yellow pants, for example, it’s nice to know I can, Yes. Any color looks good with stripes, animal print, poás, etc.
It is also possible to make different combinations. Just follow the simple rules of colors of the color wheel. See, for example, the image below, I bring three looks pretty daring and cheerful. Although they seem strange, the combinations between the colored pants and blouses are harmonics, because they were based on color theory. Shoes and accessories, and LOAC is to opt for neutral tones, to balance the production. In case of doubt or fear to dare too much, it is better to give preference to the traditional neutral colors like nude, black or white, that always look good on any look.

Suggestions Of Looks

To help, how to questions, as well as instigating the imagination, we have selected a few looks with colored pants. Many can be adopted now, in summer; others may be adapted to winter, too. Worth investing in these parts, because they have everything to keep between us for a long time.