Pants Levi's Curve ID–Prices

Skinny women with small hips, long legs and thin are invejadas-in a good way, of course–for his colleagues, who would love to have that body that fits in any clothes. Other women, these curvaceous, with upturned butt and thick thighs, also cause similar reaction in those who would love to have a more defined body. Still, both can suffer to find your ideal jeans. Yes, after all, despite being one of the most basic pieces of wardrobe, which can be found in several sizes and models in various stores, it’s hard to find the pair that actually fits like a glove on the body — even for those women who provoke envy in the other. The thin legs girl ends up finding pants that are left in the butt. Already the wider hip suffers in time to close the zipper. Taking into account this constant problem faced by women with different body types, Levi’s launched the line Curve ID, with technology that models the curves according to the format of each body.
Almost two years ago, the brand introduced the novelty that promises to revolutionize the women’s jeans-based not in size, but in the ways of women. To get to the ideal design of models, Levi’s was considered the difference in diameter of the waist and hips, according to a survey conducted with 60000 women from 13 countries. The result? Three unique models of jeans.
The success was sudden and overwhelming, but it was realized that there was still a need to develop a new modeling, to meet more women curvy. And that’s how the brand launched the Supreme, which just hit stores.OK, but what is Supreme? Is a template that has the lowest waistband in front and taller to better adapt to the curves of your hips and butt too.
And what are the other models in the line? It also has the Slight, for those with straight forms that helps to define the waist and accentuate the curves. Is better suited to women who tend to find jeans that fit on the hips and thighs, but ends up being too fair. Already the Demi Curve, for a homogeneous proportions, is designed to highlight the waist and ease its forms. Is recommended for women who just jeans serving at the waist, but not enhance the visual. Finally, the Bold is for genuine curves and ‘ embraces ‘ the waist without leftovers. It is ideal for women who suffer with jeans that fit on the hips and thighs, but left in the back.
If it still be no doubt the best model for your body, just visit the official website of Levi’s ( and do the test! Are only four questions and soon appears the result. The first of these sets your physical type, the second; the shape of your butt, the third; the measure of your thighs and the fourth; What is your biggest problem when you put on a pair of jeans.
Result in hands, just search the Levi’s affiliate nearest you (the addresses are also available on their website). The price of the pants varies, but it costs around £ $200 a pair.