Pants Emblazoned: Meet Models

The pants emblazoned became one of the biggest current trends. With more or less evident patterns and colors, the piece may be used in any season of the year. Meet some models and pants emblazoned tips.

  1. The Emerald Green stands out today as being the color of the year. A good way to venture into the world of fashion is to combine this rich color and intense with a pair of patterned pants. The important thing is to choose pants with a pattern that includes tom Emerald, as for example, a piece with floral pattern. The Green may not be very clear but allows so using other pieces combined.Opt for a top model peplum and with little transparency, in emerald green. As the footwear can opt for a ballerina style shoe or heel shoes also in the same tone from the top. If you want to add a template coat trench coat in shades of beige or nude and accessorize with a medium brown bag, small sized and with skin detail.
  2. The animal print continues to be widely used this station. The models of pants emblazoned more loose and lightweight fabrics are a great option for the days less cold. Continuing the trend of the Greens more in two different tones, a pair emblazoned “animal print” looks great with a simple dark-green sweater, a piece loose and comfortable.Complement the look with a scarf in green aqua and enjoy the Pant print tones to choose the color of the shoe. In this case, a Jeffrey Campbell inspired boot looks great with the visual and completes the whole composition. As for accessories, keep the minimalists including a golden wristwatch or small pearls as earrings.
  3. Another type of Paisley pants that is ideal for everyday look and with inspiration Hippie Chic is wide. A versatile piece and very fashionable, this pants emblazoned presents many defaults merged. That makes the pants a multifaceted piece because the varied colors gifts allow you to create various looks and combine several pieces with her.A top in dark yellow balances the whole look, offering a darker side in visual. If necessary, enter a color wine set by combining with the Ballerina shoes chosen for this purpose. Choose more eclectic accessories and boho chic, like a long necklace, a bracelet and with various types of metals or average size earrings. Enjoy the shade of blue present in pants and select a purse bag style, in a blue denim.