Pants Biotype Sets

The Biotype Jeanswear is one of the most used clothing for women, especially for your good price and quality, in addition to the beautiful templates that can be used both in informal occasions as in more formal events.
The parts manufactured by the brand are always made with jeans fabrics of excellent quality, and are designed especially to enhance the female body without forgetting the comfort necessary to feel happier and beautiful. The models sold by the brand are always current and innovative and follow fashion trends at national and international level, fostered by ongoing investments of Biotype so that their customers receive the best product, more quickly and easily.
The jeans itself is already a big fashion trend, because the pieces made with this material are never exceeded and have an incredible combination power and can be employed in different events, situations and keeping nice and current for years.
Among the models that stand out in the summer collection, are the shorter models, that in your vast majority possess a lighter wash and young, investing in a light fabric and fresh that combine with the warm weather that predominates in Brazil. The charm of the pieces are essentially in the details, as in the delicate lace applied in pants and shorts, bars in frayed and seams, and applications in certain places such as the back pockets and the waistband of the piece itself, something which is always valued by the brand.
The winter collection of Biotype Jeans invests in pants a little heavier, with darker shades such as Navy Blue and black, but yet still modern. The details are also a strong point of this station, as ties, large buttons, applications in pockets, zipper foot, among other small details that make all the difference.
Most of the pieces sold by brand have a value that revolves around R $100, and parts can be found in many shops scattered throughout the Brazilian territory. For more information about the brand, retail outlets, or collection, simply access the site To stay updated on the trends, participate in surveys and promotions and meet some fashion tips, simply access the trademark blog: