Pants Biotype: How to Choose the Right Model

The jeans of Biotype are marketed worldwide and known to be of high quality and, above all, highlight the woman’s body. This brand offers a wide variety of models and parts, has for all tastes from basic pants until the most extravagant and stylish. Although the jeans is the Joker of the wardrobe of any woman you have to be attentive to the models that best can enhance your body and her curves. Biotype pants are ideal for both go in a working meeting to go to a party. Are several washes, models, colours and unique features of the mark.

  1. There is a type of pants that is perfect for your body. Women who are high must choose pants that do not have wide mouth, because that model is to stretch your legs. The ideal is to choose dry and straight models like the skinny pants and leggings. It is currently fashionable to pants and sarouel. It is important to remember that the pants saruel is ideal for tall women and thin.
  2. If the ideal is to increase your hips you can use Carrot/Carrot, Jodhpur pants or even jeans Boyfriend. An interesting option is the pants that have opening when the knees as the Bootcut model.
  3. If you are low must choose the templates that give the feeling of stretching in the body. Choose tapered and straight models. Ideally, the length of stay on the ankle and has a large mouth to cover at least the instep.
  4. Pants in one color also give the feeling of stretching. Combine with shoes from tom near your skin color or like tom.
  5. If you think you have very long legs and want to disguise it, you can use a pair of low-rise and that does not have wide mouth. Another option is to wear pants with Italian bar or double, are they visually decrease the size of the legs.
  6. If your legs are longer and disproportionate in relation to the size of the trunk, is ideal to wear pants more droughts to the ankle. A good trick for this case is to use a longer length blouse paired with a low waist pants. The models shown are:straight, skinny and traditional position. You can also wear clothes that have a lot of details.