Panels of Balloons for Birthday: Ideas and Step-By-Step

Learn how to assemble panels of balloons and check out super creative ideas for party decor.
The birthday balloons for panels are virtually indispensable in time to throw a party. They are cheerful, relaxed and reinforce the festive mood of the event. In this respect, we will present some creative ideas of panels, as well as step-by-step instructions for performing them.
The list of preparations for a birthday party includes different items such as invitations, games, menu and, of course, the decor. Time to decorate this type of event, it’s worth thinking in a beautiful and playful composition, which can be made with balloons.
The traditional arc of balloons, responsible for composing the background of the main table. Now, birthday parties count even with beautiful panels, whose designs are formed through the combination of balloons with different colors.
Tips for making panels of balloons for birthday.
You don’t need to pay a company specializing in decoration of parties to make the balloon panels for birthday. Knowing a little of the technique and working with creativity, you can create wonderful compositions on their own. Check out:

Set a basis for the Panel

Assemble a panel of balloons directly on the wall is something virtually impossible, that’s why it’s so important to define a base to hold the balloons. The most commonly used structure consists of several hollow squares, i.e. niches that allow you to fit perfectly the bladders.
The fabrics used in the Assembly of panels are usually made with plastic, so are considered flexible. They allow a neat panel, symmetrical and beautiful. Best of all is that you can work with balloons of different sizes, after all, the saddle is adjustable. If you are interested in purchasing a screen, so click here and check out the template available on the open market for only R$58,00.
If you do not want to work with plastic modules, try the metallic structure. This kind of support is very resistant and can be dismantled without difficulty for easy transport. Click here to buy on the open market by R.

Highlight the theme of the party

Before you go around buying colorful balloons, one must keep in mind the theme of the birthday party to be able to produce a perfect composition. If the theme chosen for Superman, for example, can you elaborate the superhero symbol into the balloons on the screen, according to the corresponding colors. The design will be elaborated as your format is respected and the arrangement of balloons is made correctly.

Use the right colors

Keeping in mind the theme of the birthday party, you’ll need to set the right colors to work on composition. In general, the tones do not usually run away from the palette on the theme. Example: on birthday party Frozen, the Panel should be mounted with balloons in the colors blue and white.

The size of the balloons

In some cases, to be able to do a drawing on the dashboard, you need balloons with different sizes. To check this, print the drawing that you want to play, create a GRID on it and see if it is necessary to vary the size to produce an illustration.
If you don’t know how to measure the balloons with precision and leave them the same size, don’t worry. There is a possibility of making a home, using a simple cardboard box. See how to make:
When the meter is ready, you just need to put the bladder in the hollow space and fill it with an air compressor, until it reaches the ideal size. With this tool, your panel will have a result more symmetrical.

How to assemble a panel of party balloons?

In the video below you will learn step-by-step instructions to assemble a flower with balloons, using plastic canvases as support. After working with multiple screens, just join them in a same composition to get a wonderful result. Check out:
In the two videos below got a full explanation about how to assemble a panel of balloons, in order to create a composite with drawing of the flag of Brazil. See:
If you can’t afford to invest in a screen for balloons, know that there are ways to “improvise” and create a simpler composition, without necessarily a structure. Watch the video below and learn:

Ideas for Birthday balloons panels

Mining some creative balloon panels for you to inspire. Check out the screenshots:
See how you can create balloons for birthday panels without having to hire a professional? So put your ideas into practice and create amazing structures to decorate the party.