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What is Google Now? How Does It Work?

Google Now is a smart personal assistant available for the Android operating system, Google, and soon also available for cell phones that use the iOS operating system. Initially, the application is an extension of the Android Google Search. Google Now uses a natural language interface to answer questions, make recommendations and take action, delegating requests […]

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What is 3G!

The term 3 g refers to the third generation of mobile phone standards, as defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 3 g technology allows mobile operators to offer more service options to its users, including broadband mobile internet access. The 3 g service offers greater flexibility and services, making more efficient use of mobile […]

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How to Make Free Calls?

With fierce competitiveness between the mobile operators in Brazil and increasing demands by Anatel, the quality of the connections and of the plans has a tendency to improve. Today many cheap options customers make calls at low or no cost that is even difficult to choose the best plan to make and receive calls. The […]

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Galaxy X S3 S3 Mini – What's the Difference?

Samsung released the Galaxy Mini Galaxy soon after S3 S3. But is it just a smaller version of the Galaxy S3? Let’s compare the two smartphones in depth to answer this question. The Galaxy S3 is easily one of the greatest smartphones so far, but many have criticized the size of it. In theory, the […]

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How to Get A Virus from Cell Phone?

If a phone is acting erratically or some commands do not have an answer, it is possible that your device has a virus. A cell phone with a virus may fail to make phone calls, hang up in your own applications or close them unexpectedly, and this can be frustrating. Most basic phones don’t run […]

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What is 2G! What is the Difference of the 3G?

The second generation (2 g) phone technology is based on GSM technology, or global system for mobile communications, released in 1991. The 2 g network allows a much greater penetration depth. 2 g technologies have allowed the various mobile phone networks provide services such as text messaging, messages with pictures and MMS (multimedia messages). Is […]

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For Companies-Which Employ?

When opening your company requires several important choices. One of them, which cannot be left aside, it’s the internet plan that will hire for your company. With a great competitiveness between companies on the market, the options are varied to suit different profiles of entrepreneurs. But also, can bring high costs and problems inherent in […]


Entretiempo Jackets For Spring

One day it ‘s sunny, and then it rains again. Sales of home and it ‘s cold, but when you return from work seems to have come the summer. We really are in the most contentious at the time of dressing time, we do not know what to wear with such time change. The ideal for this period are the jackets halftime, so […]

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Motorola Phones with Better Cost Benefit

Our today’s article will talk about the two new smartphones from Motorola. The arrival of the Razr D1 that is considered a smart input and also the Razr D3 which is considered a smart middleman. You will know all about these devices and check each feature. The two smartphones come with Dual SIM option, Android […]