Paes Says He Will Rebuild Bike Path for Olympics

Part Of The Road Collapsed And Left Two People Dead. Rio Mayor Said He Will Punish Those Responsible For The Accident.

The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, said on Monday (25) that he will rebuild Cyclavia Tim Maia in time for the Olympics. He also said he will identify and punish those responsible for the collapse that left two people dead-Eduardo Marinho Albuquerque, 54, and Ronaldo Severino da Silva, 60.
For the mayor, the road reconstruction must be carried out by the Contemat / Concrejato Consortium, responsible for the execution of the initial project. The information was given by RJTV. The bike path on Avenida Niemeyer, in São Conrado, in the South Zone of Rio, is not expected to be reopened to pedestrians and cyclists.

People Take Risks In Traffic

Because of the interdiction of the road, many people and cyclists risked among the cars to circulate around the region. “I live there and I have to walk here, there is no way,” said a local resident. Only in the section between the Morro do Vidigal and the Leblon that is permeated the circulation of people.
Firefighters searched for possible other victims for 48 hours, but the  area continues to be monitored . Since Sunday (24), the corporation has reduced its workforce to two teams: one in Post 13 and the other in front of the accident, in Morro do Vidigal.

Number Of Victims Is Uncertain

Delegate José Alberto Pires, in charge of the investigation of the fall, watched on Saturday (23) the images of the security camera of a bus that passed by the scene of the accident.
One of the strongest moments of the video is when at least two people are covered by a wave. After seeing the images displayed by RJTV, he said he was not sure about the number of pedestrians or cyclists hit by water on Thursday (21). He appealed for people to seek the police and firefighters in case of possible victims of the collapse.
In the images, it is possible to see that passengers were also frightened by the strong waves and lower for protection. The bike lane appears on the right side and a wave invades the lane and that is when the bus stops. A little further on, there are four people on the bike path. The driver follows the journey and a stronger wave destroys the bike path. On the track you can see one person standing and two cyclists pedaling. Further on, on the left side two people go in the opposite direction. At 11:13 a.m., they are covered by water.
The Rio Civil Police opened an investigation for manslaughter (without intent to kill) and was already aware of the accident. Next week, will be summoned to give testimony to those responsible for the project, execution of the work and also supervision. The Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture (Crea-RJ) also opened an investigation to determine the responsibilities of the engineers in the work.