Order Photos With Your Smartphone: Three Apps In The Check

A photo is recorded with the Smartphone quickly and printed on demand at any time at a photo kiosk in a drugstore and supermarket. But you will receive significantly better prints if you send the image data to the development in the laboratory. We have with us looked at three apps, where you can send your pictures directly in the “darkroom”.
Because I want to make a photo book, nor printed on mugs or T-Shirts, three Android apps play store to choose from ready that I can purchase photos directly from my Smartphone are me at the end: ‘ CEWE photo world ‘, ‘Order photos’ from Ifolor and the “rainbow photo world”.
Order Photos With Your Smartphone Three Apps In The Check

CEWE Photo World: Saving With The Right Partner
The Android app by the large photo lab CEWE runs only in landscape mode, what is the better alignment of the display in my eyes to choose of the photographs of that are included mainly in landscape mode at least for me. Right at the beginning you have to make a decision: do you want the order directly via CEWE or one of 20 “trade partners” such as drug stores, electronics markets, supermarkets and online retailers carry? While CEWE to create, with the option of “Creative photos”, some of the partners offer a branch that is significantly cheaper than the shipping by mail and require in addition also up to three cents of less per print.
We come later to the prices. The look at the app before. With CEWE photo world can I order not only normal prints of my photos, but also so-called creative photos, where I change the layout, add text, change the background and apply filters can, and up to one meter long panoramic images – what with Smartphones really is, because inside the appropriate function now actually any camera app. In addition I could supply me with bells and whistles, but photo books, calendars, puzzles, posters or even cases for Smartphones or old iPad isn’t me today just.
As sources for the photos the CEWE photo world app accesses the albums stored on your Smartphone, looks directly into the folder of the camera and has a file browser, with which I could send also downloaded images in the lab as the only application in this test. The sizes and amounts – up to 99 prints per image – can be conveniently set for each selected photo and customize, and easily add new formats.
What I miss is a display of the final image area, but the image size not the classical format as 9 x 13 or 10 x 15 is set, but only the height is called, cut CEWE cope accordingly the deductions. Already in the selection of images, the app displays what the prints are – cost free shipping. For sending the photos developed the large lab requires 2.95 euros, the branch from our selected trading partner will, however, only with 69 cents to beech.
For the prints following costs when ordering via the CEWE photo world app:

  • 9-format: 10 cents
  • 10-format: 11 cent
  • 11-format: 16 cents
  • 13-format: 17 cents

For the creative photos in formats, CEWE requires 29, 34, 39 and 44 cents, the panoramic prints cost between 5.99 and 8.99 euros depending on the size and type of paper. Otherwise I noticed yet, that cost per trigger in the trading partner also tasted by me, who offered no creative pictures, were two to three cents lower. You were 7, 9, 14 and 15 cents, which makes itself felt especially for larger orders.
Ifolor Order Photos: Takes Care Of The Essentials
Ifolor called plain and simple its app ‘Order photos’, and that can also. It runs only in portrait mode and is visually far less appealing than the application of CEWE. It has me unkind and timbered up quickly, runs but properly and allows without any problems, to select photos from albums created on your Smartphone. Other image sources are not available. In the setting, you can disable automatic post processing in the laboratory, which is highly recommended, if you have edited the photos already own.
The prices has something hidden Ifolor. They appear relatively late, but always in time before you click on the order button. The available options as already at CEWE 9-, 10-, 11 – and 13-format. The prints are more expensive with 9, 15, 17 and 21 cents from the smallest format aside, and you can let you send the pictures only for shipping costs in the amount of EUR 2.95. The only reason for me that to use ‘Order photos’ app prints with 20 format, the CEWE offered that, and not on offer have Rossmann. They are 1.99 Euros per image, but extremely expensive.
Positive note is that the Ifolor app points out, if the resolution of photos for the selected image format is too low and that an order without registration is possible. Also, slightly more formats can be added specifically to individual images. Your data must give her to but of course for the order, otherwise the prints didn’t find its way into your mailbox. It changes little at high prices and the rather mediocre overall impression however.
Rossmann Photo World: Beautiful Appearance With Little Quirks
The Rossmann photo world app works in portrait as well as landscape, where it is better suited for the view in portrait mode. The app is designed not only to order prints in the laboratory, but also directly print images on the photo kiosks in the stores of the drugstore market. Moreover, I could also gifts, cards, and photo books with the application, but I don’t want just prints.
I can select photos from the albums on my Smartphone, or quickly take a picture directly from the application. The deductions are me the three formats with a choice of two paper types:

  • matt 9 format: 7 cents
  • matt 10-format: 8 cents
  • matt 13 format: 14 cents
  • shiny 9 format: 7 cents
  • shiny 10-format: 5 cents
  • 13-format glossy: 14 cents

Old-fashioned effect the order fee of 65 cents. I find really annoying but that Rossmann offers no picking up in the branches despite its some 1,900 shops in Germany, but only for shipping for postage and packaging costs of 2.10 euros. A user account at Rossmann is also necessary for the order.
Visually the Rossmann photo world is more appealing, initially provides a logical user guidance and also warns me with select images to low resolution for a large screen format. However the app not open side by side displays my photos selected for the order me, but as a stack which I must scroll through. This sucks! And then I can change only the number and the image format for all images at the same time and not for individual, as with the other two apps.
Leader You Will Not Without Reason
I do not rate the quality of the prints because they to are strongly dependent on the source material, the Smartphones provide. Just take a look at the apps I wanted to throw at this point and as usability and design CEWE is leading in terms of, which has also the best offer with the choice of the right trading partner, after which shops around the corner you are can be different.
Ifolor looks visually, however, neglected and is more expensive. Rossmann, however, beautiful looks angry but with a missing branch and the non-existent possibility the number of deductions and the kind of image formats for individual photos in my order to change me. External image source such as cloud storage or social networks I have to forgo access so far at all three apps.