Now On Tap Now Dominates Text Recognition On Photos

Now On Tap Now Dominates Text Recognition On Photos
Google now on tap is a feature-rich: predictive text. The Intelligent Assistant software is now able to read how some reddit users according to Gadgets360 want to have found words on photos. All is not the feature but yet mature, as it seems.
Currently, the OCR only on a device with Android Works 6.0 Marshmallow. Gadgets360 has tested the feature first and experimented a little with now on tap. Doing a Google nexus 6 p was used. With the Smartphone the team has made some photos, about from your own website or a like Donald Trump. In both cases, recognized Google now the text on tap and dazzled an appropriate card to the US politicians and the Web site operators.
Now On Tap Recognizes Phone Numbers
A Reddit users also reported that Google now can be seen on tap phone numbers and prepared as a map. In the specific case, the user had photographed own according to maintenance numbers of a manufacturer hotline not to have to remember it. As he typed on the photo, the Now-On tap function is then jumped unexpectedly.
Gadgets360 notes however that the text recognition is currently far from mature, and results are not always reliable. Sometimes, the software simply recognize anything. This is also probably the reason why Google has not yet officially announced the OCR for now on tap. It is therefore to be expected that the function is improved even further until the official release, so that the application will not to gamble.