Novelties in Drop and Arrival 3rd Step of CIMTB Levorin

Dumped will be in front of the Congonhas Museum. Event is with open entries and happens between August 18th and 20th.
The dust will rise in Congonhas (MG) with the marathon 3rd stage of the International Copa Levorin de Mountain biking (CIMTB Levorin). The event occurs between the 18th and 20th of August and has the entries open. Meanwhile, the organization is already in the historic city by elaborating the logistics of the event. Among the novelties, site of the drop, technical Congress, excerpts from the runway and others.
The drop will be on the Alameda, in front of the Congonhas Museum and pilgrimage. “After the drop the athletes will rise up to the beginning of the road, which is now paved, and take a single track down to the road of the platform that is land. Shortly after, on PC 8, the athletes will pick up an excerpt from asphalt until they enter another dirt road to Santa Quiteria, where we have the division of the route to the full of 62.5 on Saturday and the reduced from 42.5 on Sunday, “explained the organizer Rogério Bernardes.
At the most extreme point of the track, in the middle of the course, there will be a timing with chip sensor installed that will record the passage of all athletes. “There will be sensors also installed in front of the basilica at the drop and on arrival at the Alameda. The return will be different and with a single track excerpt until reaching the track beside the museum. The athletes will go down the Alameda and, after the arrival portico, they will have an exclusive area with fruit and water, “commented the organizer.
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The pilgrimage is where the awards will happen, and will be installed medical post, fair, food area that also has news, Lava Bike Puroil, showers, Neutral Race Support of Sram, Secretariat and others.
Route recognition
Congonhas athletes are preparing to run the reduced route from the 6th August. On the 13th, mountain bike lovers will be able to recognise the full course. According to the businessman of Congonhas, Wellington Fernandes Costa known as Guido, athletes can expect a hard route. “Let’s combine to leave the pilgrimage, at 8:30 a.m. to make the route reduced on the 6th and the same time on the 13th to make the full course,” he explained.
It is important that the athlete who is to do the recognition of the full route is prepared, since the route is hard and demands strength of the athlete. “The route is hard. Compared to other marathons, it’s the hardest for me. Very intermittent, “finalized the athlete who runs in the CIMTB Levorin since 2011.
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