Nova Camptrail Bike Shop Promises to Meet Every Bicycle Audience!

Talking about opening a Bike Shop in times of crisis seems to be an assumed risk… however, a serious proposal ensures the success of a challenge. The Bike Shop Camptrail was born from a dream, according to Tiago Lumertz. “Our goal is to open a democratic store in the market… we sell bicycles for those who are starting out or for those who need a simple bike to work, or for those who go to the tracks and competitions. A mistake … the market needs to be worked on from the start, for good cyclists and customers to emerge until they become competitors! ”
A proposal of thousands of reais demonstrates the intentions on the market… who was born selling bicycles and pedaling, case of Tiago, must surely persist in this walk to act each day with more quality and adding the system that needs the bicycle. Novo Hamburgo seems to be a kind of center, because within the metropolitan region, it is closer to the cities that are around a route where cyclists or future cyclists can walk past and dream. At the end of the day, who would not want to spend in the Bike Shop and buy the accessories for the night pedal? Or who knows, prepare for the weekend of strong emotions.

Location… For Everyone!

Located at Avenida Nações Unidas, nº 3024, in Novo Hamburgo, the Camptrail Bike Shop was strategically located to welcome the cyclists who would come to the place in the way that they dispense. In front of the bike shop circulate bus lines, train and there is still a bike path. Cyclists who want to come from Subway should pay attention to the times allowed for admission with bicycles on the train. The Tremsurb company option is very practical and functional for those cyclists who want to come from other cities, such as Porto Alegre, Canoas, Esteio, Sapucaia, São Leopoldo, and will travel with Bike and Subway. There are two stops near the store, one of which is FENAC Station and the other is Novo Hamburgo Station, 400 and 900 meters away respectively. On this route, next to the elevated line of the Train, there is the recently inaugurated bicycle lane. The Bike Shop has bicycle parking… and also for those arriving by car.

Being Prepared Is Living On The Bike!

For James, to be prepared is to know the market, to be involved! “Knowledge of what is good, functional, serving the customer by generating expectation and surpassing them is a way to guarantee the flow of the market and to commit to actions favorable to the bike.We are in all competitions downhill, in some of XC, We frequent bike rides and actions, also in FX and Enduro modalities that are on the way to a strong growth in Brazil.We will sell bicycles for all profiles of cyclists! We are working in partnership with some companies to create and serve the market. We are working in the sustainable workshop… we will reuse part of the water from the washing of the bicycles to reduce the environmental impact. This should all be done with cars, also with bicycles, and we will do it to set an example.Part of the water will be reused, So we will be doing our part by putting and keeping bicycles in the system that should reduce the number of aut Mobile phones for a healthier transit! “, Concludes Tiago.
Bike Magazine was at the inauguration, which took place in the first half of 2016. The store is going to make a big proposal… and certainly good examples the Bike Shop will give to the system. The great differential is being committed to service, with innovations, with challenges that refer to the evolution in this market. In times of crisis… to grow you need to stand out!