New Surveillance Technologies Are Revolutionizing Public Safety

Although the public security agencies have a limited budget; Smart technologies are a valuable resource that allows you to optimize these resources.
Not only it brings together objects integrated with electronics, software and sensors; It also makes them work together in the service of surveillance. These intelligent and connected technologies promote collaboration and transparency among public safety agencies. They revolutionize the mode in which police, fire, courts, and the corrections made some of the most important tasks of the country.
The emergency services were the pioneers in the use of solid and reliable communications. The police and fire radio systems are still the workhorses of these professionals. But new technologies promote new levels of connectivity for field staff in order to synthesize data in real time and expedite the knowledge of situation.
To mention one example, the patrols are becoming sophisticated mobile monitoring centres. New tools enable officers to collect, send and share information instantly with emergency centers or other agencies having a full knowledge of 360 °. As a result, the emergency services have information unprecedented on the perimeters of the incident, the suspects and any other important before intervening antecedent.
A proper monitoring involves collect information and interconnect it, analyze it and make it available to both police and other staff who may need it.
To provide this constant flow of data, digital radios in patrol, camcorders and cutting-edge panels are required.
The next generation of police cars will collect much more information of portable cameras, sensors, drones, license plate recognition system, robotics and GPS tracking to create an environment with sufficient context to the guardians of security.
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