New Magura Innovates with 4×2 Piston Concept

German manufacturer Magura was one of the first to develop disc brakes for bicycles.Now with the MT Trail Carbon, it innovates once again with the debut of a new concept: four drive pistons on the front calipers and two on the rear calipers.
The idea was developed following the growing popularization of MTB Trail bikes, which currently have wheel options in sizes 27.5, 27.5+and 29, thus requiring brakes more powerful than those used on XC bikes, but weighing less than Used in HD.
Because the front brake is responsible for 70% of the braking power of a bicycle, it is common to see many equpped bikes with larger brake discs on the front tire; The magura, to solve this question, used different tweezers on each wheel, with the front four-piston brake of the brake pads having greater braking power.
To compensate in the matter of weight, the rear caliper uses only a pair of pistons, like any conventional disc brake model. Thus, the MT Trail Carbon has 322 grams, ie only 5% heavier than the model MT8 (for XC), which is the lightest of the Magura, and 17% lighter than the Magura MT7 (four-piston model For Enduro and DH).
The levers are carbon fiber and feature the Shiftmix accessory, which allows the installation combined with Shimano or SRAM exchangers in a single holder, taking up less space and also reducing weight.
There is still no marketing forecast and price.