Net Will Use Modems to Customers to Expand Public Wi-Fi Network

Three years ago, NET launched a network of Wi-Fi hotspots in nine Brazilian cities. Using access points hung on the infrastructure of the lampposts, the network was restricted to places of greater movement and with large concentrations of people. Now, a new strategy emerges: the operator will create an additional network in customers’ own modems to expand coverage.
This is nothing new on the market: Hi partnered Fon to turn the modem customers in hotspots. Currently, millions of access points are available throughout Brazil, but there is a catch: these networks, the band’s own client is used to enable the connection.
The promise of .NET is to be a little different: all modem will have an additional network name # NET-WIFI, with separate speed broadband contracted and thus without interfering with the client connection. Still, the customer may want to disable this public Wi-Fi network without difficulty.
Who you subscribe NET broadband of at least 5 Mb / s able to access this network for free and unlimited. Customers with lower speeds or even other operators can use the hotspot free for 15 minutes upon registering. If you want to access any longer, you can buy pre-paid packages of 2 hours, 1 day or 7 days.
According to the statement sent to customers, including the network will be gradually and automatically in customer modems. With good will, NET can become the leader in Wi-Fi in Brazil: in February 2016, Anatel reported that the operator had more than 8 million customers, leading the market in access to 31.9% of all broadband market.
A great advantage over the Hi is the strong presence of NET in the state of São Paulo, where the network Hi WiFi has grown very little in recent years. GVT had promised a similar network for some time, but the project never evolved. Who knows this to be true in the hands of Vivo?