Myths and Tips on Bikes for Women

It is no news to anyone that women are increasingly present in all sectors of the labor market, including those historically dominated by men. in bicycle mechanics it is no different.
The Key Fifteen project is an example of this female insertion in the mechanics of bikes. Talita Noguchi and Gabriela Kato command the blog and youtube channel with tips, experiences and lots of didactics. In addition to sharing information, the couple wants to encourage more women to learn as well.
Take, for example, this interesting post that Talita Noguchi published in Key Fifteen talking about bicycles for women. In the text, Talita talks about what to look at in bike besides aesthetics; That is, knowing how to analyze data about functionality, size, components, etc. According to Talita, “When you search on any internet search engine, the first results are always countless bicycles that simply present an aesthetic that is believed to be” feminine “but that do not really meet the woman’s universe. In a slightly more objective search, going beyond page two of what would be a “female bike”, you can already find some models that present interesting solutions. Some brands are noticing this particular niche and doing their homework to suit this market, which for them is nascent. However, women have been there since the world is a world, they represent a considerable part of the consumer market and the specific attention to them is still quite new.”