My Phone is Certified By Anatel. How Do I Know?

From next year, only approved by Anatel phones may work on Brazilian soil. With that, came the curiosity of many people about what a phone approved, how does this certification and why this was happening. But let’s not create a panic and we will better understand what it is and the role of the Fcc in this whole roll.
What is The FCC?
Is the acronym for national telecommunications Agency. Basically, it has the function of regulating, grant and monitor telecommunications in Brazil. She helps “promote the development of telecommunications in the country so as to give it a modern and efficient telecommunications infrastructure capable of providing adequate services to society, diverse and fairly priced throughout the national territory”. Beautiful isn’t it? It also includes monitoring the quality of mobile operators, internet and consumer electronics devices that also are sold in Brazil, but not all of them.

The Certification and Approval of Devices by Anatel
Win a Anatel certification means that the equipment is compatible with the technologies adopted in the country and given the technical prerequisites of functioning, warranty, service and quality in the construction of the appliance. This is done for all telecommunications apparatus that work with emission of radio frequency signals in our country, including routers, WiFi signal televisions, telephones, wireless telephones, microphones and our dear and beloved smartphones.
How is the Certificate of Equipment Approved by Anatel.
All appliance approved receives a stamp with the logo of Anatel. On smartphones, the seal is usually hidden in the battery compartment or in the user manual. The seal shall contain a barcode, the logo of Anatel and the number of approval, where showing approval of the product, the year of issue and the manufacturer. In cell phones, may bear only the number of approval.
Why A Phone Must Be Certified by Anatel.
When a device shows malfunctions, do not necessarily mean trouble for certification. The certification ensures is that the appliance meets the minimum safety requirements, such as radiation resistance device, safety of use and to guarantee that it can be used in the correct frequency without interfering with the operation of other devices that operate on different frequencies. This avoids problems such as equipment may explode when they are loaded into a normal socket, devices which give shock and even appliances that can increase the chances of you having cancer because of radiation. Avoids problems in mobile communication network.
How Do I Know If My Phone is Certified by Anatel.
In addition, you can search on the website of Anatel for your device and see if he is certified or not. It is very important to ensure your safety and your family, check it and also ensure that your device works perfectly.
Can I Use A Device Imported into Brazil?
Can, perfectly. As long as it conforms to the specifications of the networks and radio frequencies that work in our country. Therefore, several appliances will not be blocked from 2014. Now, if you have an appliance xing-ling, is something else. Most of the standards that the FCC uses is internationally established. However, shanzhai phones do not meet any standard of excellence and should be avoided knowing that, we hope to have helped and explained well why is it important to have a device certified by Anatel or international organisations.