My Dog Misbehaves

Why my dog is behaving badly? There are so many reasons. Dogs are tremendous boxes of surprises, some memorable, for better or for worse. When you purchase a dog, especially when you buy a puppy who feels happy and Nice, think long term and know that dogs, like people, they change. What you see that first time, but preferably you see your dog several times before buying it, is adapting and evolving depending on your genetics and your environment. Sometimes the dog’s behaviour becomes a nightmare. You must know that this can happen, that there is this great possibility and therefore, prepare and do your part so that it is not or to remedy it should thus be. It is important to remember that regardless of how bad carrying the dog, it is your dog and will be yours for life. A responsible owner sees it as such and will not return for a second to give to your dog, and much less for something as absurd as unwanted behavior.
Anyway, until you pull the towel and decide that your dog will never learn that things simply should not do, some it is necessary that you you do participate, starting with ask yourself the following questions. It’s easy to get lost in a fog bubble without understanding what is happening. Once you have the things most whites can proceed properly.
What does misbehave?
The first thing is to define what it means to misbehave. The dog to climb in bed when you have told him not to do it, to bite the most valuable articles in your home or showing their teeth threatening to the child when it touches their toys are three very different things. There are several levels of ‘misbehave’ from non-ideal behavior, but which is really harmless, until dangerous behavior, such as aggressive with a child or other person. Depending on the level of your dog, you can find different ways of correcting behavior.

Where does your dog?
Where do you get your dog? If it was a kennel from, I hope that you’ve met the breeder personally and that you’ve visited the site where had their dogs, in addition to having signed a contract and received its certificate of pedigree and results of medical examinations. If it was a refuge, it is also necessary to inform people that they care for the dog, a dog vaccinated and sterilized receive and learn everything you can about it. If it was a shop of animals, the internet or an advertisement you saw in the newspaper, many of these dogs become unfortunately have very serious health and behavior problems. The best is to avoid these last sites, but if you purchased your dog there is already made and only you can choose to not make the same mistake in the future.
What happened with the dog until you adquirieras it?
If your dog had other owners before you, it is possible that they have not done enough to educate him or have not known how to do it. If the dog suffered trauma, loneliness or had negative associations in the past, it is possible that behave excessively timid, fearful, suspicious or even aggressive.
How is dog health?
If your dog has serious behavioral problems, it is essential to consult the veterinarian to rule out any health problems. Sometimes what looks like aggressiveness is due to a medical problem or any pain that you can not communicate your dog.
How can you have educated the dog?
There is no good dog without a good dose of education. This includes socialization, training command, obedience classes, activities, sports and exercise on a daily basis, without forgetting that a dog requires about three walks daily. Just remember that your first dog was exemplary, and you don’t have it to run for half an hour or wondering how ejercicitar your Chihuahua. Every dog is different. The age of the dog, his race, and your health much influence their behavior, but education is required throughout his life, especially the socialization process to introduce all kinds of situations, people, places and things so positive associations contribute to the development of the can.
What have you done to change the unwanted behavior?
This is also linked to the education of the dog. Once noticed the behavior of your can, what did you do? Do you punish him, you shout it? It is important that you decide today itself to achieve the change in your dog and yourself if necessary. Punishment is a very archaic form of modifying the behavior of a dog. Dogs do whatever is within your reach to avoid punishment because they have another option. So the best way to train a dog is put clear rules, exercise it, teach positively and show you what is allowed to do. Nerves, cries and punishments are fully reduntantes.
You searched for professional help?
If your dog is aggressive behavior your can beyond releasing a few bark, extremely shy, he barks excessively, have phobias or if you simply don’t know what to do, professional help will be needed. In addition to consulting with the veterianario, a professional trainer who uses positive reinforcement can help you. Your own trusted vet can refer you to one.