Murilo Affonso Is New Champion of the International Cycling Tour

Funvic Athlete Is The First Brazilian To Win The Competition That Reached Its 3rd Edition In 2016

The competition, which has class 2.2 status of the UCI, brought together 18 teams, with a total of 18 teams, Being 10 Brazilian and 8 foreigners, in an electrifying dispute for almost 800km, divided into 5 stages. And to the delight of the local crowd, the victory party was green and yellow. In the first stage, Murilo Affonso maintained the good performance and regularity, winning brilliantly the first Brazilian title of the tour. Second in the overall standings ended Kleber Ramos, followed by Alan Maniezzo, third, completing the podium.
“Winning an international UCI event is an emotion that is hard to describe. It is at this moment that we notice the result of the work that was done. I was able to count on my team from start to finish, we did a perfect job throughout the competition. The last stage was more difficult because it was the final opportunity to set the competition’s title, but it turned out all right. I want to share this victory with all my team, my family and friends who are always in the crowd, “said the champion.
Emotion was not lacking in the fifth and final stage. Eight athletes began the race motivated and soon they opened flight, that got to gain a advantage of 2min25s for the peloton in the Km 60. Vitor Memolli, of Uruguay, won the first flying goal, while the second dispute was with the Argentine Daniel Omar. Already close to half the race, the Ecuadorian David Villavicencio, who was part of the escape, attacked and took the isolated lead of the race for a few kilometers, also being captured before the feared final climb.

Decisive Mountain

The squad arrived with the main group selected and motivated to face the last challenge of the competition. In the final kilometers, the race was very close, with the teams very aggressive in search of the podium. But the excellent work of the Brazilian team Funvic / Soul Cycles made all the difference, keeping their athletes always in front of the peloton.Kleber Ramos spent all his energy to help his teammate and finished in 12th place, securing second place overall with 53 seconds left. Murilo Affonso, who won the overall leader blue jersey on the first day, completed the stage in 4th place and secured the title, since the athlete had the best regularity in the 5 stages, leading the overall classification from end to end and Ending with 19h12min09s.
Alan Maniezzo, of the San Francisco Health / Ribeirão Preto team, was also one of the highlights of the climb. The rider won the first mountain prize and still secured the overall title of the category and won second place in the stage, finishing third in the overall standings at 54 seconds of Murilo. The second mountain prize was won by cyclist Mauricio Morandi of Memorial Santos / Fupis. The victory of the fifth stage was with Jefferson Cepeda and the bronze went to Edson Calderon.
“The stage was very hectic in the final miles. We had a characteristic day for my mountain specialty. I can say that my companions have made beautiful and have given themselves totally to achieve the best possible result. I am very happy for the result, “said Alan, who also became king of the mountain.
Brazil also celebrated two other great achievements. In the team competition, Funvic held the first place among the teams. Among the potential athletes of the new generation, Endrigo Rosa, of the Brazilian road cycling team, won the title of Sub23 category champion. In the classification by points the Argentine Daniel Omar took the best.
“Our team have been doing a very cool job, always looking to be evolving and adopted a tactic in the first stage that ended up working well and on other days we just defended our leadership. Being always competing outside of Brazil we are conquering a very positive experience, besides always being focused on the search for points for Brazil in the world ranking. The return again was very well organized and everyone is to be congratulated.We are very happy for the individual and team win, “said Benedito Tadeu” Kid. ”
For international commissioner Dorothy Abbott, the competition is growing every year and causing a great impact on all people. “The Tour of Rio Grande do Sul has a very beautiful and competitive course, until the last stage all the rankings are open, demonstrating the high level of the dispute. The work team is also very good and productive, besides the State Highway Police that Is very careful with the cyclists. I am sure that once again the return will leave a very positive image for the sponsors, “said the commissioner.
The 3rd edition of the Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul is an organization and organization of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) and Federation Gaúcha de Ciclismo (FGC), sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal, support of the State Highway Police, São Francisco City Hall Paula, Novo Hamburgo City Hall and Farroupilha City Hall.