Mova More Launches Challenge with Bonus of Up To 1,800

The April Campaign, called “Keeping The Habit,” is a continuation of the January campaign titled “Creating A Habit,” and provides extra points for combo, holiday drills, and invitation to friends.
After starting 2016 with the “Creating a Habit” challenge, an action created to help the user fulfill the promises of the beginning of the year, Mova Mais ( ), a platform that encourages people to exercise in exchange for points in programs Of fidelity, launches the campaign “Keeping the Habit”, a continuity of action of the beginning of the year and that aims to stimulate even more users to exercise and to boost frequency. This time, users can earn up to 1,800 points on the platform. The challenge has three different actions: combos during the period, holiday exercise and extra points by invitation to friends. The user who achieves the three actions, guarantees the total points of the challenge.
The user who starts the combo until April 21 and keeps it until the 30th of the same month, will have the score doubled. In the Holiday of Tiradentes, who keep the combo between the days 21 and April 24, earns another 250 points. And to close the action, users can earn 200 points for each friend they indicate and register on the platform – the new user also earns 200 points – without a maximum limit of registrations. To do so, users should recommend Move More to their friends through the unique link or by sharing directly on social networks. To do so, the user must access the Mova Mais platform and click on the “friends” icon in the upper right corner.
It is important to remember that Mova Mais’s mission is to encourage the practice of exercise and create awareness of a healthy life, being an alternative to conquer products and services with its partners, such as Multiplus, a loyalty program of TAM. More than 500 thousand options of advantages, among them, air tickets. Every 10 points Move More equals one point on the Multiplus platform.

About The Move More

Founded in 2013, Mova Mais follows the physical exercise routine and rewards its users in Brazil’s leading benefit programs. The service encourages people to exercise in exchange for points in loyalty programs that can be used to purchase travel, services and products. Benefits are funded by employers, health plans or sponsors. The company has investments from T-BDH Capital, and has as founders the entrepreneur Marco Gomes, who is also the founder of boo-box, one of the most innovative companies in the world, according to FastCompany and Fernando Aquino (Nandico), award winning professional Which has been active in the digital media market since 1997. Mova Mais already has about 200,000 users on the platform.

About The Founders

Fernando Aquino (Nandico), Co-Founder And CEO
A technology professional for digital media since 1997 with extensive experience in digital innovations and leadership of technology teams. Fernando has technical recognition and trophies at the international festivals of Cannes, London, One Show, New York Festival, El Ojo and Bells. He started his career at AgenciaClick, was the Technology Director at Huge and founded Adjetiva, serving large agencies throughout Brazil and abroad, having recently produced Ok Cupid, LEAP Motion, Eurosport, Viacom, Fiat, Nestlé, LG, Nokia, Caixa , Renault, Unilever and others.
Marco Gomes, Co-Founder
Marco Gomes was the founder of boo-box, named one of the most innovative advertising companies in the world by Fast Company and Forbes magazines, sold in 2015 for the FTPI Digital; And co-founder of Mova Mais, the benefits program for those who do physical activities. He has studied Strategic Marketing at Stanford University, California, and has previously given a speech at the UN in New York.