Motorola Xoom – 2 in Brazil

The Tablet market is still dominated by Apple and its various versions of the iPad, but the Android tablets gradually gain strength and entering the competition. What tends to get in the way of this climb is a great Android platform fragmentation that has different versions and not always the best and most recent are supported by new tablets launched.
Now that Android 4.0 is now available the Motorola launches in Brazil the Xoom tablet with 2 very interesting technical specifications but that still brings as the operating system Android 3.2, already exceeded to be used in a new product. This to some may sound just like a detail and it seems that Motorola is betting on it to try to sell the unit here.

With respect to the technical specifications, the Motorola Xoom has 2 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 10.1-inch display with the famous glass skyscraper, the Equzhou. He is 100 grams lighter than the first version of the Motorola Xoom, weighing just 603 grams. Writes and plays videos in full HD and has HDMI output. Costs around 1800, R$ with 3 g.
It’s not a big difference regarding Xoom 1 and maybe it’s better to wait for a new model with quad-core processor, which can bring some extra advantage and come equipped with the Android 4.0.
And you? Believes that with the iPad 3 Apple will still stay on top in connection with the sale of tablets? Give your opinion!