Modernize Your Professional Style

Who said that professional look has to be boring? Forget the blouse and jacket sets, the facts in a blazer and skirt and bag with matching belt. The professional style can show your creative side and elegant.Here I leave some style tips, how can modernize your look for the job. And don’t forget that you must comply with the dress code of your company, so if you work in a formal setting may be more constrained in their choice of clothing, and accessories.

Add vivid colours

If you like a more colorful, contrasting tones, bet on how the blue and orange. Or invest in one of most vivid shade to brighten your coordinated.

Use standards

If you want to give more texture to your look, how about using patterns and printed? The pastel colors because they are softer are also more discreet. And don’t be afraid to mix patterns. A good trick is to use printed and which have the same color as a liaison.

Use trend pieces

Culotte pants, shorter and wide at the bottom, are a good alternative to traditional models. In addition, they are ideal for those who want to wear shoes or sandals bolder. Invest in a play trend to modernize your look professional.

Reinvent your wardrobe Essentials

A white shirt with a black skirt is always a safe bet. Bet on shirts and skirts with details to make your outfit more interesting and modern.

Bet on details

The details are perfect to give a personal touch to your look. If you like mangoes with volume, so you know that this is one of the trends spring-summer 2017. A belt, sunglasses, necklace or bag also complement your outfit.