Mix and Match: the Art of Combining Patterns

Mix patterns with patterns is a combination that raises many questions and seems to be complicated. After all, there are rules for combining patterned? Should I mix pellets with stripes, chess with floral motifs or pattern animal with stripes?
Mix & Match, call this technique consists in mixing different printed and textures, for a more daring, creative and modern.
The first step is to choose which is the area of the body that you want to highlight and which intends to cover, because the higher the printed, more will call attention to the part of your body when in use.
If you’re overweight or has a problematic area, can mix patterns, but prefer the dark background and medium or small size, so as not to increase the silhouette.
Style tips for mixing Patterns
-Coordinate discrete stampings, of small or medium-sized.
-Mix the standard of a piece with the stamped an accessory, such as Pinstripe blouse with shoe or purse animal print. This is a good solution if the combination of two pieces of clothing to leave insecure.
-Choose patterned that have at least one color in common, for greater harmony. Or, choose to use shades of the same family, that is, with colors that match. Tip: stripes with animal print, chess with floral pattern, flowers with stripes or polka dots with stripes.
-Black and white combinations are sure bets (polka dots with stripes).
Combine equal standards, but of different sizes, it is also a good bet. For example, large stripes with small or large with small flowers. Or, combine equal background colors or counteract. In this case, one of the patterns becomes the focus of attention and the other complements the visual. The horizontal stripes vertical stripes can also be an alternative.
-The standards can also act as neutral, when are very small and subtle, and may be combined with other most striking pattern
-Conjugations with patterns of neutral colors (black, white, beige, blue and Brown) are also more sober. For example, Navy Blue pants with white Pinstripe with a white blue polka-dot shirt small.
-The flat pieces and neutral color balance the mix of patterns and should complement this visual.
-If you like to take risks, play with similar standards, but of different sizes and colors. For example, a shirt in shades alive with a light blazer, or vice versa.