Minas Trend: Beauty Day One

The first day of parades of Minas Trend did not disappointing. Completely different profiles brands presented their collections for the summer 2017 and we have no doubt that the evolution of mining has been constant fashion.
Fabiana Milazzo debuted the catwalk, this time mounted on the first floor of the Expominas, in the space of the foyer. The models came to 7:00 in the morning to get ready in time for the fashion show, scheduled for 11:00.
The designer once again proved the your talent to transform the denim in an ultra sophisticated tissue, from a job done the hand full transformer.And as this season Fabiana backed the counterpoint between heavier parts in jeans with the delicacy of embroidery and pearls, the beauty artist Ricardo of the angels created something more intense. He baptized the make of “Dirty Glam”, which was basically black shadow blur close to top and bottom lashes, topped with many layers of black mask. Light terracotta blush of creamy texture and loose hair with natural effect gave the natural tone of this composition.
At 3:00 pm, in the second round of parades, the catwalk was divided by Faven and Plural, that filled the afternoon beauty of Minas Trend!
The Faven, expert in revolutionizing for making tricôs, once again surprised us. The inspiration was the classic novel by Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary, 1957. There is no doubt that the work continues today, as it reveals a woman bold and delicate at the same time, but far from fragile. To understand this concept of an image that would carry a full of personality and femininity, Ricardo dos Anjos also reinvented a super element traditional in make-up.
The sophisticated eye outlined earned a dose of modernity. The thick stroke was “deleted” in the center of the eyelid, which resulted in a look interesting chart, with black mask applied only to open up the look. The mix of shades of blush and emphasised the temples contour gave. Write down the combination: creamy caramel tone below + pink colour applied in the center of the cheekbone. Already the wires was super smooth, loose and broken in half.
The parade of Plural also surprised. The brand, which is known for modeling your clean and comfortable, that always develops pieces in most basic colors, innovates and bet now in citrus tones and pastels, prints, ruffles and more. Everything to strengthen the identity of a woman who fights for and secure their goals.
Within that vibe, Ricardo Angels brought an almost minimalist proposal, if it weren’t for the hair. The wires were prepared with babyliss and then trapped in a twisted and pulled up, so that there was a “messy volume” on the top of the head. Already the make was clean and well punctuated in the eye, with a dash of eyeliner only on concave. Terracotta blusher with illuminated light was applied at the center of the face to enhance the natural contour of the face. On the lips, just a little lipstick mouth tone.
To close the day of parades in Expominas, what happened to 5:00 pm, a rookie mark on this catwalk, but it carries a lot of history. Hardly another designer would be so acclaimed as Sonia Dick was. Be all over your career in fashion (she was one of the creators of the Mining Group sets in 80), or by the timelessness and charm that her pieces carry. Few would hit the luxury of parading a winter collection during a fashion event when it is summer. But she did and was applauded on his feet.
The undefined lines of his creations reveal a bold feature to enchant the comfort in unusual ways. So Ricardo dos Anjos has incorporated these forms intense to make, while the wires were arrested to highlight the face. From the use of acrylic paint in shades of white, black and red, were made of “random” interference between the eyes and the eyebrows, no mascara or any other product to get the attention of the drawing. The contour of the face with blush in woody tone, only to score with ease.
Much beauty, so much creativity and above all: lots of attitude! The first day of parades of Minas Trend ends with super balance positive and full of fine references.