Miguel Dixini Is Fourth in 2nd Stage of 1st Stage

After complicated race, dixini made room and other brazilians got involved in an accident getting out of the big final.
The Brazilian BMX team played on Sunday (22), the second phase of the first stage of the South American BMX Championship, which this year will be held in four stages, each stage being divided into two phases (round 1 and 2). The Brazilian Miguel Dixini was the best of the selection in the second phase to win the fourth position.
On Saturday, the team made second with Anderson Ezequiel and third with Miguel Dixini. Already the proof of this Sunday was quite complicated. The Brazilian team started very well and managed to qualify for the final stages with ease. But in the semifinal, when Anderson Ezequiel led his drums, he made a small mistake in the straight and suffered a small accident that also involved the Brazilians Rogerio Reis and Igor Martins.
Only Miguel Dixini managed to score to play in the final. The rider made a good start, but ended up losing positions in the first corner, completing the race in the fourth place. The victory was with the Argentine Gonzalo Molina, followed by his compatriot Matias Montenegro and the Chilean Cristobal Palominos.
“This second phase of the first stage of the South American was quite complicated for the selection. Unfortunately we had three athletes from Brazil involved in the same accident and this ended up hurting us a lot. The only athlete in the final was Miguel, who repeated the good performance of Saturday and is to be congratulated. We finished the first stage satisfied with the performance of the group in general,”said Guilherme Pussieldi, coach of the national team.
The second stage of the 2015 South American Championship is scheduled to take place in May in Chile. The stage will also be divided into two phases, both adding points to the world ranking by class C1, according to what determines the new schedule of the test prepared by the International Cycling Union.