Microsoft Office for Linux and Android?

We’re reaching a watershed moment. According to rumors, Microsoft is planning to offer a Linux version of Office in 2014.
It is clear that the Office, as proprietary software, won’t regain the brightness of his glory years of the company. The Microsoft program, despite the competition, reigns in quality and features for its users. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a version for Linux users, since they can also enjoy well of such a product.

In doing so, Microsoft would be closing a wider market, since it already offers MS Office for the two main market operating systems, Windows and OSX.
There are also rumors that the MS Office can get the Android devices. The operating system for mobile phones and tablets, as you may already know, is a Linux-based operating system, which means to make a version for this operating system, a lot of work has already been done portability and just ask for some adaptations for use on Android.
Despite having open source Linux and be seen as a platform aimed at enthusiasts, companies have even turned to expand its market for Linux users. We have the example of the Steam, the largest online store in the world games, which opened a version for Linux and is offering various games to users of the system, according to
We cannot say that this portability is a certainty, but it would be a master of Microsoft. Today, Linux needs to do some hacks to use Office, you have a computer with Windows or pursue other options on the market.
Already the version for Android, Microsoft would contain the competitors on the platform, since there are many applications that can edit and view documents and spreadsheets on the platform.
We cannot say with 100% certainty that this is the way that Microsoft will follow. However, it is a logical path for the company, which needs to innovate a bit more in the mobile area to recover the lost market to competition. Wait a bit and wait for new developments in the case.