Michelin Promises Up to 10 Watts of Economy

Michelin has just launched its new line of tires and, with the news, the manufacturer made some rather ambitious claims. Dubbed Power, the line promises improvements in every way and, according to the manufacturer, are faster, puncture resistant and durable than the previous generation.
Altogether, the new line counts on four different tires, all fruit of a long period of development. The Power Competition is the fastest, created to cater to cyclists who participate in road cycling events. The Power Endurance is geared towards sporting or turing, with the Power All Season being more suitable for more difficult road conditions. In addition to the three, Power Protection+, which has a lateral reinforcement, will be launched exclusively in the North American market.

Power Competition

The biggest advantage of this model is the 25% reduction of rolling resistance, which translates to a gain of 10 watts. To achieve this result, technologies derived from “green” car tires have been used, which have dictated the development of the brand in the last 25 years.
In addition, Michelin has created a new compound, made of natural rubber, state-of-the-art elastomers and silica. Thus, the rider would gain 85 seconds on a 40km course with an average speed of 35Km/h, 10% more longitudinal grip and 35% more lateral grip.
The model has 3 blankets of 180TPI and construction in aramid (kevlar), that reduces the propensity to holes and cuts in the tires.

Power Endurance

Hole resistance was the main attribute in the development of this tire. That’s why Power Endurance is 20% tougher than its predecessor thanks to the Aramid Protek+construction, stronger than Aramide.
In addition, it has double compound with the rubber of the laterals that offer excellent grip in the wet for curves with a silica based core compound that reduces rolling resistance without losing grip.
The brand claims that this model has maximum level of protection against holes, 10% more longitudinal adhesion and 35% more lateral adhesion compared to the previous one. In addition, with the reduction of rolling resistance at 8.6 watts, it is 63 seconds faster on a 40km path with an average of 35km/h.

Power All Season

To face adverse conditions on the road, the rider needs a lot of grip. Therefore, the Power All Season has 40% more longitudinal grip and can be up to 85% more sticky in bends. -all thanks to the Hi-Grip design of the tread.
The tire also has extra puncture protection. To finish, it saves 5 watts, being 44 seconds faster on a 40km run at 35km/h

Power Protection+

Holes, stones, glass and other debris can easily pierce the side of a tire. For extreme conditions, Michelin has launched the Power Potection+, a tire that brings the side with Bead 2 Bead Protek technology, which increases the resistance of this region by 20%.
This model also features a double compound that offers low rolling resistance, excellent wet grip and durability.
The tires began to be sold this month in the American market and have not yet forecast to arrive in Brazil.