Mens Wedding Wear

Check out how to make clothes here. It is super cool, youthful and smart
What will be the big trend?
Bridegroom in 2016 is casual and cool, the suit must be ultra slim and smart – it must be dressed up or down depending on the type of wedding and groom’s individuality. Trend colors are bond-blue, cool-stone, classic black and steel-gray
What characterizes the men’s collection here?
2016 has laid large emphasis on smartness and coolness, it is important to be completely fashionable for wedding clothes, in step with the groom for everyday and it must be dressed up and down with simple tricks and accessories – to fit several different occasions for weddings and not least after the wedding.

Accessories – there is a trend for men here?
The groom anno 2016 is top cool with a lot of edge – to opt-out of the accessories may just prove to be the most ultra cool accessory in 2016: a cool suit and nice open standing shirt. A few simple tools like a pair of groom-cufflinks as the sole adornment.
What should groom think about when he must choose his clothes?
The groom should just think of who he is and what he would like to radiate on her wedding and then do it, of course, certainly not something if she swoon a little at the sight of her future groom;-) The groom may well prove its most fashionable side on her wedding – but he must preserve its identity and exude casual profits.
What is a must when the groom must choose clothes?
Suit or blazer – delicious handkerchief or delicious cufflinks added in a classic shirt.

What should groom choose to emphasize that it is a particular festive day?
He shall dress a notch up on the trendy way. With a fancy handkerchief in the breast pocket, with cufflinks with a touch of humor and not least a twinkle in his eye.

How can groom maintain the elegant look, when the jacket is taken off?
Sassy belts, a cool embroidery on the back of the shirt preferably with humor adapted to the surroundings – and don’t forget a pair of socks to the traditions that can withstand getting cut the toe off and an extra pair of afterwards.
Evening dress, tuxedo or suit – what should groom choose?
Tuxedo is the classically correct choice for a morning wedding —  but there are very few who will need an exclusive suit again after the wedding – therefore tuxedo is the most popular choice (which must first be worn after kl. 15) and habit. Since the framework around the wedding parties have been out to great upheaval the last couple of years – where precisely the feast have been highlighted rather than the solemn-the suit is the natural choice. It can be styled for each wedding and giving freer frameworks for wedding party and atmosphere.

Which look is the most popular choice?
The trendiest choice in 2016 is slimline suit, with slim shirt and a classic or gaudy butterfly, sweet open shirt or tone-in-tone vest.